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Sounds easy - UNO Synth - How does it sound?

Check out what Sounds easy has to say about the UNO Synth:

In this Video we check out the new lightweight analog monosynth UNO from IK Multimedia. This has got to be one of the cheapest truly analog synths on the market and it sounds great.

UNO does have an on board delay but no reverb. So we sent it directly into the Meris Mercury 7 reverb.

Drum are all from the Elektron Digitakt. What I found was the synth section sounded great. Nice fat analog Waveforms and two oscillators. It is only Monophonic though. It has a simple single LFO and basic envelopes. All in all you can get ripping bass and lead sounds which is what I expect most people will use it for.

Is it worth the $$$ yes, for sure.