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T-RackS Custom Shop Quad Comp and Quad Lim Mixing and Mastering Tutorial

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In this tutorial we show you how to use many of the functions these great plug-ins. Using Quad Comp and Quad Lim, we show you step-by-step how to use these innovative compression and limiting processors on only certain frequency ranges of the source material, making your tracks really come alive - all with precision and quality you'd expect from our T-RackS processors.

This Quad Comp multiband processor was designed to allow maximum flexibility when frequency adaptable compression is needed. With four bands of fully featured and independent compression every problem in the track can be "zoned in" and taken care of, shaping the final frequency response of the program material with a wide range of possible results available to the user.

When complete control over level AND frequency is needed Quad Lim is the right solution: with four bands of ultra accurate limiting it will guarantee that the whole frequency spectrum is as loud as you need it to be and each frequency zone is under control. On top of the four bands an additional brickwall limiter can also be engaged to make sure the level stays always under control.

Quad Comp and Quad Lim are two of the 20 professional mixing and mastering processors available in the T-RackS Custom Shop. Download the free T-RackS Custom Shop software, which comes with the Classic T-RackS Equalizer and a full metering suite, and you'll have access to the Custom Shop, where you can try our processors before you buy.