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TMT | Drum Processing Like the Glitch Mob Ft. Harmonics by Softube Tutorial

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to process drums like the Glitch Mob. This is a technique I learned from the producer called edIT who is a key member of the Glitch Mob. It is a great way to add texture, character and depth to your drums and percussion which happens to also make them stand out better in the mix.

You simply drive some saturation and/or distortion on your drum channel and then roll back on the dry/wet mix until a healthy balance is made. This technique is called parallel processing and I personally use it all the time.

In this video, I use the all new saturation plugin VST Harmonics by Softube which produces some stunning saturation colors and flavors. There are 5 different-sounding component-modelled distortion styles built in and each has its own character.