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u-he ZEBRA NORD II Preset Walkthrough - Cinematic & Dark Patches for Zebra2

Nord II is the second volume from Nord I, adding 180 patches for Zebra2 and The Dark Zebra.

Nord II is a cinematic toolkit providing dark, dramatic and tense patches that will give life to your productions.

With inspiration from the nordic noir soundtracks such as Petur Thor (The Valhalla Murders), Hildur Gudnadottir (Trapped), Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow (Anihillation), Ludwid Goranson (Tenet) and Ben Frost (Dark).

Cold unsettling atmospheres, mourning poly synths, demented & damaged percussion loops, strange physical modeled instruments, ethereal pads and deep pulsating basslines.

Nord Dark Edition contains the two versions: Zebra2 patches and the expanded ZebraHZ patches.

A KVR Interview with Hans Zimmer
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