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Virtual Acoustic and Electric Sitar plus Tanpura drone: VST, Audio Unit, EXS24, KONTAKT Sample Libraries

Software demonstration testing: Syntheway Virtual Sitar VST for Windows, Audio Units and VST for macOS. Also EXS24 and KONTAKT Sample Libraries (See links below).

Software Description: Virtual Sitar is VST instrument designed to emulate the acoustic Indian Sitar as well as the Electric Sitar. Additionally it includes the Tanpura, a continuous harmonic drone in support of a melody.


  • Mode Selector to change between the following Sitar / Drones:
  1. Acoustic Sitar (Model 1).
  2. Acoustic Sitar (Model 2).
  3. Electric Sitar.
  4. Tanpura Drone (C2-B3) and Acoustic Sitar (Model 3 | C4-C7).
  5. Tanpura Drone A.
  6. Tanpura Drone C.
  7. Tanpura Drone D.
  8. Tanpura Drone E.
  • - Tanpura Drones (A-C-D-E): The Indian drone instrument does not play melody but rather supports and sustains the melody of another instrument or singer by providing a continuous harmonic drone. The Tanpura is an essential accompanying instrument which provides a point of reference for creating other sounds; musicians or singers can freely improvise over the drone. Alternatively, by modulating different parameters like ADSR, Reverb and/or filter, it also can mimic the 'Digital Electronic Tanpura'.
  • - Electric Sitar preset introduced in current version, a kind of electric guitar designed to mimic the sound of the sitar. It is typically used in rock, jazz, and fusion styles.
  • - ADSR envelope generator. Attack, Sustain, Decay and Release parameters and several modulation targets.
  • - Multi-mode Filter: The values are automatically computed when you select any of the filter types. Filter switch includes: LP (Low pass), BP (Band pass), HP (High pass), notch, peak, low pass and high pass shelving filter with adjustable cutoff and bandwidth. The 'Gain Level' is used only with the EQ Peak, Low Shelf and High Shelf modes.
  • - Variable Room Simulation: Reverb effect can control the 'room ambience'. Small rooms can be modeled just as accurately as larger spaces. Customizable with user controls for: size room, width room, damping factor & mixer.