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Why iLoud is Better Than Other Compact Powered Speakers

Full info: http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/iloud

Why does iLoud sound better than the other portable speakers?

Design Philosophy - iLoud is designed with audio performance in mind. No compromise has been made when iLoud was designed to achieve the best possible audio performance in a speaker of this size. Most portable speakers sound "ok" but are miles away from the sound you'd expect from a studio monitor, just because their purpose is to fill the room with music. There are models that sound more "bassy", others that sound more sparkly, but it is very rare to find a "portable" stereo speaker that sounds just right.

iLoud has been designed with a particular goal in mind: to provide musicians with a solid reference for the music they're working on, producing, composing or mixing while on the go. Something that you can pull out of your bag, connect it wherever you are, and be sure that what you are listening to is an accurate representation of what you're doing. Anyone who has worked in music production knows how important this is.

Read the rest at http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/iloud/index.php?pp=iloud-comparison