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Rayzoon Technologies LLC

Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.2 (+20% off offer)

Rayzoon Technologies has released a version 1.2 update for its virtual drummer VSTi Jamstix and is also offering a "20% Off" Sale (buy for US$79).

Version 1.2 includes many enhancements and fixes, detailed below. Significantly, Jamstix 1.2 has much tighter timing and can handle high latency environments.


  • Rebuilt entire synchronization logic to make things tighter as well as compatible with high-latency environments.
  • Implemented "bar locking", which allows freezing a bar at its current state regardless of later pattern or mode changes.
  • Modified 'Export To MIDI' to use a buffer of the last session play to account for real-time factors.
  • Time signature changes are now supported in hosts that do not send proper barStartPos information (Cakewalk VST wrapper, FL Studio and others).
  • Foot hihat now automatically plays on quarters during a fill if no other hihat is present.
  • Foot hihat now automatically plays on quarters when ride is active.
  • Added checkbox to kick panel to allow for double kick rhythms.
  • Added MIDI automation parameter to control shuffle mode.
  • Improved kick velocity realism logic.
  • Kick and snare eighths are now properly played and aligned in shuffle mode.
  • Preview no longer suppresses snare and tom accents.
  • When using MIDI-Out Only mode, the DLL location prompt is now suppressed.
  • Added label showing the name of the currently loaded mapping to the mapping tab.
  • LiveLoop trigger list now includes triggers already in use but marks them with an *.
  • LiveLoops are now limited to 99 bars and cannot extend beyond bar 999.
  • Added hint about 'Big Time' window to bar/beat display.
  • Added hint to PLAY button.
  • Liveloops are now properly checked for overlap when adding a new loop in front of an existing one.
  • Added custom cursors for the arranger.
  • All note triggers now have a '--' item in the pick list to reset/disable the trigger.
  • Optimized pocket and timing variance logic (note that this requires SPP from the host).
  • Added lock to velocity slider to maintain velocity level manually.
  • 'decided' bar color is now brighter for better distinction.
  • 'Play Input' status is now remembered when closing/reopening GUI.
  • bar jumping is now disabled if host is playing.
  • Changed arranger mode slider switch due to difficult use with touchpad.
  • Snare and tom accents no longer play if the rhythm is empty.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with doubling of notes when looping in Cubase with either high latency or latency-compensated plugins.
  • Fixed syncopation jam habit button.
  • Fixed behavior of internal engine when going in and out of MIDI-Out Only mode.
  • When switching off MIDI-Out Only while in external sound mode, the external module is now properly reloaded.
  • When Jamstix starts in MIDI-Out Only mode, the internal samples are no longer loaded.
  • Fixed shaker offsets.
  • Fixed arranger redraw issue on pop-up windows in some hosts.
  • Fixed bar 1 repeating in some hosts with high latencies.
  • Fixed scrollbar disappearing in arranger under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed suppressed Tom 1 2+.
  • Adjusted and fixed audit function and it also works now with BFD.
  • HiHat + events now translate properly into shuffle mode.
  • Fixed repeating bar 1 in hosts without barstartpos info.
  • Fixed bars being drawn as 'decided' during free jam with arranger open.
  • Fixed arranger draw issue when scrolled left in free or key word jam with arranger being open.
  • Fixed jumpy smoothing slider in FL Studio.
  • Fixed arranger draw issue when using scrollbar so that bars where partially shown.
  • Fixed missing arrangement redraw in free or key word jam with arranger being open.
  • Inserting and deleting measures now properly moves mute flags.
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