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All uploads from hakey

for Anubis [Show all for]
by hakey [Show all by] on 7 April 2010
Downloaded: 398 times
A mixture of all sorts - leads, bass, keys, fx, percussion, a few physical modelling-ish type patches. Many patches use mod wheel, aftertouch and pitchbend.
Shades (single patch)
for Zebra [Show all for]
by hakey [Show all by] on 21 January 2009
Downloaded: 1378 times
Just a single bass patch - an attempt at recreating the bass from Booka Shade's 'Body Language' (as per a request on the U-He forum)
for Zebra [Show all for]
by hakey [Show all by] on 9 December 2008
Downloaded: 2400 times
19 Patches for Zebra 2.3 - A mixture of 'synthy' analog type leads, basses, polys etc.

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