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#KVRDeals - Limited-Time Special Offers - Get A Bargain!

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DSPplug Special Offers in the KVR Marketplace
- August 7, 2022
Tom Wolfe's Synth Day sale, in aid of the Bob Moog Foundation, is now live
- May 23, 2022
Tags: Soundware, Presets for Diva, Presets for Omnisphere, Presets for Pigments, Presets for Zebra, Tom Wolfe, Tom Wolfe Presets, Tom Wolfe Sale, Zebra, Diva, Omnisphere 2, Pigments, Halcyon for Omnisphere 2, Ares for Omnisphere 2, Fractal for Omnisphere 2, Oblivion for Omnisphere 2, Radion for Pigments, Complete Collection, Dystopia for Omnisphere, Hyalus for Pigments, Halcyon Pt. 2 for Omnisphere, Atomos for Omnisphere, Automaton for Zebra, Recapture for Pigments, Fractal Pt. 2 for Omnisphere, Fractal Collection for Omnisphere, Translucid for Zebra, Radion Pt. 2 for Arturia Pigments, Radion Collection, Lunnen for Omnisphere, Voltis for U-he Diva, Solus for Omnisphere, Aurora for Arturia Pigments, Archeus for U-he Diva, Polaris for Zebra, Electra for Omnisphere, Hyalus Pt. 2 for Arturia Pigments, Hyalus Collection for Arturia Pigments, Noir for U-he Diva, Valere for Arturia Pigments
Fuse Audio Labs Weekend Sale - Get 50% Off
- May 22, 2022
Tags: Effect, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, VCL-4 Vintage Opto Leveler, Bucket-500 Analog Delay, TCS-68 Cassette Tape Channel, F-59 Classic Guitar Amp Emulation, VCL-373 Vintage Compressor/Limiter, VCL-25A Vintage Vari-Mu Leveler, VPRE-376 Vintage Preamp, DrumsSSX - Drum signal Un- and Remixing tool, VQA-154 American Vintage EQ, VCL-864U Vintage Tube Limiter/Compressor, VQP-Bundle Vintage Passive EQ/Filters, VPRE-562A Vintage Tube Amplifier, VPRE-2C Vintage Tube Booster, VCL-515 Vintage Tube Limiter, VPB-Bundle Virtual Pedal Collection, Flywheel Reel-to-Reel Tape, VPRE-31A Vintage Germanium Preamp, Dozer-Drive Dual Drivology Pedal, VCS-1 All-In Channel Strip, VREV-140 Vintage Plate Reverb
Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes Sale: up to 85% Off of Selected Kontakt Instruments (The Last Weekend Sale)
- May 23, 2022
Tags: Soundware, Windows, macOS, Linux, Kontakt, sforzando, Ambient Swells, Dark designs: TTF Horror, White Bell, GuitarScaped, GuitarScaped 2, GuitarScaped 3, GuitarScaped Bundle, Ambiloop Live, Guitar DI
Eplex7 DSP Psytrance & Hitech Deal: Up to 50% off on plugins, instruments and samples
- May 31, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Effect, Soundware, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, Dark Psy, Dark Psytrance, Forest, Fullon, Hitech, Instruments, Progressive Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Psychedelic, Psycore, Psytrance, Samples, Synthesiser, Synthesizer, Spherum FX RE-Synthesizer, Spherum FX Re-Synthesizer + BassBlaster Bundle, Psytrance / Hitech FX & Drum Kit, Particle Collider SX7 - Hybrid Scientific Synthesizer, Quantakor, Psy Speaking Synths 1, Hitech SFX1, Psytrance EFX Pro, India Psy Instruments 1, Psytrance Risers 1, Hitech SFX2, Forest Film Pads 1, Possitive Psy Pads & Soundscapes 1, Psytrance SFX bombs 1, Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1, Hitech lasers 1, Hitech Bass HBS1 advanced bassline synthesizer, Full Analog Modular FX sample pack Vol.3 - Eplex7 & Twisted Kala, Hitech Microsynths and Electro Percussions sample pack Vol.1, Neopsy Kick - Artificial Kick Drum Generator, Psychedelic FM Superesonator
HoRNet Sale: Up To 60% Off
- May 22, 2022
Tags: Effect, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, HoRNet MultiComp, HoRNet AutoGain, HoRNet 3XOver, HoRNet TrackShaper, HoRNet Sybilla, HoRNet AutoGain Pro, HoRNet VCA, HoRNet DeeLay, HoRNet Sybilla Pro, HoRNet Graffio, HoRNet SongKey, HoRNet TrackUtility, HoRNet Multicomp Plus, BSharry Side Chainer, HoRNet Channelstrip MK3, HoRNet ELM128, HoRNet Chorus60, HoRNet HDD1, HoRNet HDS1, HoRNet AnalogStage, HoRNet GuitarKit, HoRNet WahWah, HoRNet TrackUtility MK2, HoRNet Spikes, HoRNet Spaces, HoRNet FilterSolo, HoRNet AutoGain Pro MK2, HoRNet Harmonics, HoRNet LU Meter, HoRNet Dynamics Control, HoRNet Magnus MK2, HoRNet HTS9, HoRNet Multicomp Plus MK2, HoRNet DeeLay Plus, HoRNet Tape, HoRNet CLMS, Coherence Meter, HoRNet Angle, Track Coherence, HoRNet DynEq, HoRNet ElliptiQ, Corrosion, HoRNet SW34EQ MK2, HoRNet HCS1, HoRNet TheNormalizer, HoRNet StereoView, HATEFISh RhyGenerator, HoRNet VU Meter MK4, HoRNet LU Meter MK2, HATEFISh RhyGenerator One, HoRNet ELM128 MK2, HoRNet Total EQ, HoRNet MasterTool, HoRNet ThirtyOne MK2, HoRNet Freqs, HoRNet SyncPressor, HoRNet MultiFreqs, HoRNet L3012 Bass Channel, HoRNet SongKey MK4, HoRNet Valvola, HoRNet SAMP (Spatial Audio Master Processor), HoRNet Butterfly
Cymatic Form Spring Sale: 45% Off Acousmatic Engine
- June 1, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Soundware, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, Kontakt, Kontakt Player, Acousmatic Engine
IK Offer: AmpliTube 5 $/€99.99, AmpliTube 5 MAX $/€199.99
- June 1, 2022
Tags: Effect, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, AmpliTube 5, AmpliTube 5 Max
UnitedPlugins offer Electrum Core - entry level guitar amp simulation - for €25 (50% off)
- May 22, 2022
Tags: Effect, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, Electrum by Muramasa, ElectrumCore by Muramasa
Reason Studios Reason 12 - 33% Off until 1 June 2022 in the KVR Marketplace
- June 1, 2022
Tags: Plugin Host, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Rack Extension, Reason
MeldaProduction Drummatic Discounts - 50% off MDrummer, MSoundFactory & 10 drum related plugins
- May 29, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Effect, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, MDrummer, MTransientMB, MRhythmizerMB, MAutoAlign, MAutoDynamicEq, MDrumLeveler, MDrumEnhancer, MTurboComp, MTurboEQ, MAutoStereoFix, MSoundFactory, MDrumReplacer
Xhun Audio ShineVerb Creative Reverb Processor Special Offer - 66% Off
- May 22, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Effect, Soundware, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, LittleOne, IronAxe, Big Steps (Exp for LittleOne), Bonus Pack (Exp for LittleOne), Tension Peaks (Exp for LittleOne), Northern Stars (Exp for LittleOne), Hot Circuits (Exp for LittleOne), Electro Punks (Exp for LittleOne), Vintage Roads (Exp for LittleOne), Stage Drawers (Exp for LittleOne), Lone Raiders (Exp for LittleOne), ResonHeart, Xhun Instruments Bundle, Big Steps, Tension Peaks, Northern Stars, Vintage Roads, Electro Punks, Stage Drawers, Hot Circuits, Tribe Tronics (Exp for LittleOne), Mono Scapes (Exp for LittleOne), ShineVerb, Analog Fists, Retro Snaps (Exp for LittleOne), Woodcraft Kits (Exp for ResonHeart), Xhun Complete Bundle, FilterCult, Four Aces (Exp for LittleOne), ZeroBox, Effects Bundle
Pulsesetter-Sounds Spring Sale - 25% Off Storewide
- May 31, 2022
Tags: Soundware, Windows, macOS, Cinematic Sample Pack, Cinematic sampler instrument, Cinematic soundset, Kontakt, Kontakt Instrument, PulseSetter-Sounds, repro, repro 5 presets, U-he Cinematic, U-he Presets, u-he Repro, U-he Zebra, U-he Zebra Presets, uhe, Pulsor II, Re:Coil
Venomode Maximal 3 Intro Sale - 30% Off
- May 23, 2022
Tags: Effect, Windows, macOS, Linux, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, Maximal 3
Sonora Cinematic Deal: 50% off Gothic Instruments Dronar Metal & Glass
- May 31, 2022
Tags: Soundware, Windows, macOS, Kontakt, DRONAR Metal and Glass
Synchro Arts Deal: Up To 50% Off VocAlign Ultra & Revoice Pro 4
- May 31, 2022
Tags: Effect, Windows, macOS, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, Revoice Pro, VocAlign Ultra
Cherry Audio Celebrates Bob Moog Appreciation Month throughout May
- May 31, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Effect, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, virtual analog synth, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer, Polymode Synthesizer, VM2500 Collection For Voltage Modular, Memorymode, VM900 Collection for Voltage Modular, Rackmode Signal Processors, Minimode
UnitedPlugins Anniversary Deals: Anniversary Bundle containing Hyperspace, Front DAW and more
- June 1, 2022
Tags: Effect, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, Royal Compressor by Soundevice Digital, Hyperspace by JMG Sound, FireCobra by FireSonic, Front DAW by Soundevice Digital, FirePresser by FireSonic, Bassment by Muramasa
Ampethron "Synthaix Dubstep Nitro Fuel" Introductory Offer
- July 31, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, Synthaix Dubstep Nitro Fuel
New Loops Sale: Up to 75% off + an extra 30% off orders over £39
- May 31, 2022
Tags: Soundware, falcon presets, kontakt libraries, mpc expansions, phaseplant presets, Presets for Diva, Presets for DUNE, Presets for Hive, Presets for Massive, Presets for Omnisphere, Presets for Repro, Presets for Thorn, Presets for Zebra, Synth Presets, Future Bass and Chords for Massive, Immense Trance Presets for Massive, Detroit Techno - Techno Construction Kits, Premium EDM Kicks - (Kick Drum Library), Dubstep Rytm - Elektron Analog Rytm Soundpack, Ultimate Power - Hive Presets, Enter The Hive - Hive Presets, Hive Presets Double Pack - 160 Presets for U-he Hive, Pure Analog Deep House Construction Kits, Rhymes with Rogue - Leads (Analog Synths for Kontakt, Live, Reason, Zampler), Big Drop EDM Presets for Massive, Dub Techno Loops, EDM Samples - Acid Synths, Euro Dance Masters (EDM Presets for FM8), Cinematic Textures and Drones (Kontakt, ReFill, Wav), Club Impacts (Sound Effects Library), Club Risers (Transitions Sound Effects Library), Club Sound Effects Bundle (Cinematic Sound Effects), Analog Duality (Kontakt Analog Synths), Premium Drum Bundle (Percussion Library), Future Bass House (Live Pack, Reason ReFill, Wav), Deep Kicks Sound Pack, Trap Monsters Vol.1 (Live Pack, Reason ReFill, Wav), Elektro Synth 1.5 Spire Presets, Percussion (Kontakt Library, Reason ReFill, Live, Wav), Repro-1 Pro Expansion (Repro 1 Presets), Percussion Mega Pack - Over 2500 Sounds!, Future Bass Kits, Future Bass Explosion Massive Presets, Techno Grooves (Wav, Reason ReFill), Serum Bass - Presets For Serum, Serum Pads - Presets For Serum, Deadly Trap - Hard Trap Kits, Serum Synths - Presets For Xfer Serum, Diva Expansion, Future House - Over 1.5 GB of House Sounds, Omnisphere Explorer - Omnisphere 2 Presets, Europa Pro Expansion, Repro-5 Pro Expansion - Repro 5 Presets, Diva Expansion 2, Trap Construction Kits, Parsec 2 Pro Expansion (Parsec 2 Presets), Trap Melodies (loops, sounds, midi), Empyrean (U-he Zebra Presets), Trap Highlights (Construction Kits), Ableton Wavetable Presets and Racks, Punchy Kick Drums (Kick Samples), Halloween Trap Kit, Feeling Good - Deep House Kit (WAV), Deep House and Tech Vol.1, Wavetable Hive Presets, Universal - Dune 3 Presets, Drum and Bass Construction Kits, Thorn Pro Expansion (Thorn Presets), Monotone Pro Expansion (Monotone Presets), Phase Plant Bass Expansion (Phase Plant Presets), Pluck Bass for Kontakt, Phase Plant Synth Expansion (Phase Plant Presets), Sub and Vowel Bass for Kontakt, Quarantine - Massive X Presets, OTT Kicks (Kick Samples), 808s (Kicks and Subs), Synthmaster One Bass Expansion, Pop Kits, Shimmer Pads (Wav/Kontakt/Reason), New Horizons - Dune 3 Presets, Gas Giant - TAL J-8 Presets, House and Techno Chords (Wav/Reason ReFill), Diva Presets Bundle, Dark and Light, Diva Expressions - Diva Presets, FX Percussion (Sound Effects), Atmospheric Textures (WAV/DUNE 3 Presets), TAL U-NO-LX Presets Bank, NOIZE Textures (Wav/Dune Presets), Atmospheric Techno Sound Pack, Eternal - Hive Presets, Hive Presets Bundle, Alive - UVI Falcon Expansion, Pounding Techno Kicks (600 Kick Samples)
FeelYourSound introductory offer: ChilloutEngine up to 50% off
- May 20, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, Audio Unit, MIDI Arp, MIDI Arpeggiator, MIDI Composition, MIDI Generator, MIDI Tool, ChilloutEngine Standard, ChilloutEngine Pro