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Interactive Patchpool Summer Sale through July 23rd - vote for your discount items - July 23, 2018Tags: Soundware, Alchemistry, Alchemistry Beyond, Alchemistry Metallurgy 2, ChromaZone, Zebra2 1st Encounter, TripleX for ElectraX / Electra 2, Glitchmania, Razor Spectral Territory, Beat Twista, Edgy Scapes, Best of absynthsounds.com Vol. 1, MF Eternity, Warped Strings, Tremendous Beatz, Best of absynthsounds.com Vol.2, Annual Subscription for Iris Presets, Granular Worlds, Modelled Reality, No Boundaries for DRON-E, Framedrum for Alchemy, Cosmic for Padshop Pro, Diversity for Diversion, The Vase for Alchemy, MetaVox for Alchemy, Scattered Entity Vol. 1 for Falcon/MachFive 3, Spectral Excursions, Sonic Cinema for HALion 5, Spectral Rays, DNA for Molekular, Aqualignum for Alchemy, Diversity 2 for Diversion, Kontakt Library Celtic Harp, SoundPack The Other Side, Kontakt Gongland, Bellissima for Kontakt, SoundPack Soccer Stadium Euphoria, SoundPack Waterphonia, Sonic Tabulator, Ambient Strings for Falcon / MachFive 3, Tabula Rasa for Serum, Aureus Ventus for HALion 5, Annual Subscription for Kaleidoscope, SoundPack Processed Strings, 2nd Thoughts for Zebra, Resurrection for Alchemy 2 (Logic X), Falcon AIR, Falcon Singles - Oud, Falcon Singles - Stick Cello, Falcon Singles - Celtic Harp, Phonemklatura for Phonem, Falcon Singles - Bass Flute, Best Of Iris Subscription Vol. 1, Falcon Singles - Falcon Scapes Vol.1, Arrows for ArcSyn, Falcon Singles - Glockenspiel, Resonantia for Chromaphone 2, Transformed Reality for MXXXCore, Droneland 2 for Padshop Pro, Falcon Singles - Acoustic E-Bow, Colored Spaces for Zynaptiq Adaptiverb, Falcon Singles - Falcon Scapes Vol2, Free Style for Serum, Takeover for VPS Avenger, Falcon Singles - HANG, Cornucopia for HALion 6, SoundPack Overtones, Falcon Singles - Water Bells, Toolbox for Soundtoys FX Rack, Panopticon for Avenger, Falcon Singles - Falcon Scapes Vol3
VSP Summer Sale: Save up to 45% on 100 soundsets - June 25, 2018Tags: Soundware, Depth of Field (for Diversion), Righteous Rooms (for Trash 2), Vintage Hardware (for Oxium), Zebras Dream in Color (for Zebra 2), Sonic Boost (for Venom), Lush Life (for Lush101), The Muse (for Massive), Sonic Sphere (for Razor/Reaktor), Zebras Dream in Color Vol.2 (for Zebra 2), Ovation (for Omnisphere), The Ambient Zebra (for Zebra 2), Cold Fusion (for PolySix), The Modern Unlimited Subscription for Korg M1, Vivid Signals (for Retrologue), X-11 (for Venom), Dream Works (for Zebra), Vibrant Colors (for Massive), Moog Memores (for Monark), Blue Box - Omnisphere Presets, Prime Sonic Space - Impulse Responses, Juno Dreams - Presets for TAL-U-NO-LX, The Classic for Arturia Matrix 12, Visceral for Arturia Solina V, Electronic Symphonic for Spire, Red Box for Omnisphere, The Dark Beautiful for Omnisphere, RAIN for Omnisphere 2, The Juno 60 Revisited for TAL-U-NO-LX, Electric Ghosts for NI Razor, Warmer Days for Sylenth1, Special Selection for Arturia Prophet V, Vintage Legend for Arturia CS80, Looking Glass for Zebra 2, Liquid Sounds for U-he Hive, Blue Diamond for Omnisphere 2, Bird of Flight for UVI Falcon, Amber Oscillations for Omnisphere 2, Loquacious Symmetry for OMNISPHERE 2, Fibonacci for Omnisphere 2, Origami for Omnisphere 2, Prime Sonic Space Impulse Responses Vol.2, Sonic Poetry for Oddity 2, Symmetrical for Dune 2, Arrakis for Dune 2, Vintage Modern for Avenger, Bass Expansion for MODO Bass, Analog Is Best for TAL-BassLine-101, Piano Variations for Arturia Piano V, Legendary for Synapse Audio Legend, Solstice for Sunrizer, Gold Edition for TAL-U-NO-LX, The Flow for Omnisphere 2, Analog Sound Box for Roland JD-Xi, Eloquent Circuits for U-he Repro-5, Blue Moon for Roland JUNO-106 PLUG-OUT, Lyrical Electric for Omnisphere 2, Analog Heaven for Synapse Audio The Legend, Vintage World for Diva, Dark Star for U-he Repro-1/5, Ambient TAL-U-NO-LX, Wired for U-he Repro-1/5