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26 ambient presets by The Sound Of Merlin. Please note that in the demo track each instance of the FB7999 had been drown into lots of delay and reverb. Mostly the free SuperMassive VST by Vahalla. Have fun using these presets.

A link to my music: https://soundcloud.com/thesoundofmerlin
Genres: Synthwave, Ambient, Horror, Dark Techno, Midtempo
Compiled in 2013 after a whole day of noodling with Charlatan. Recently rediscovered in my archives, finally deciding to share it. Better late than never, I guess... ;-)
Focus is mainly on pads, but there are several bass, leads, and FX as well.

55 Patches Total

Patches: 3 Atmospheres (AT), 10 Bass (BA), 2 FX (FX), 11 Lead (LD), 25 Pads (PD), 4 Sequences/Arpeggios (SQ)

If you enjoy this soundset, please like or follow Echo Season on Facebook/Instagram:



7/6/18 - Re-uploaded as patch 32 wouldn't load due to a custom wavetable. Working ok now, if there are any issues please let me know.
Full Youtube preview: https://youtu.be/-M1Y1RcVkzM
Here is a bank of presets for a relatively new virtual synthesizer U-He - Repro-5. It is an emulation of a legendary analog synthesizer - Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. And this emulation sounds fantastic! It’s absolutely powerful, phat, lively - just like the original synth. The quality and the functionality of the brand new plugin immediately inspired me to start creating and saving presets, one by one. After a couple dozens of them I decided to make a complete soundset in order to share it with electronic music producers, sound designers and synth-lovers.

The bank consists of: - 18 Leads - 16 Basses - 15 Pads - 11 Plucks - 13 Keys - 16 Synths - 11 FXs A hundred in total.

This version is free and includes only 14 presets (2 from each category) out of 100. To get all of them, please visit our website, dedicated to synth presets: https://sellfy.com/p/BNS7/

There are harsh, metallic, powerful sounds, as well as mild, intimate and soft ones. Some timbres are quite well-known, classic and must-have, others are experimental, unique and never heard before (supposedly). All the sounds are universal and suitable for every modern genre. It depends on your imagination. It is strongly recommended to try every preset in different note ranges, e.g. a bass may turn into an interesting lead at higher notes; or keys may sound like bells if are played couple octaves higher. So you get even more than 100 sounds as a patch may play different roles just because of an octave. Not to mention the Mod Wheel, that may change a sound drastically. The built-in effects are applied in most patches, so the sounds are ready to go and may be used as they are without additional tweaking. Each patch has a short description with my vision of how to use a patch, e.g. nice at low notes, use it for sequences or arpeggios.
Also there is some technical information, e.g. Mod Wheel influences on the brightness of the sound. Sections «Categories», «Features» and «Character» are thoroughly filled, so you can easily find a needed sound with the help of tags.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.