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This tool serves chords into the Pattern Editor when record mode is on, and previews chords using OSC server at port 8000 when record mode is off. I have updated ChordLord with a translated versions.. English version: https://renoise.com/tools/ChordLord .. Version en Espanol: https://renoise.com/tools/AcordeSenor .. Version en Portugues: https://renoise.com/tools/SenhorAcordes .. Version en Francais: https://renoise.com/tools/AccordSeigneur .. details: https://forum.renoise.com/t/hurray-for-ChordLord/62253 .. **version 3.06.325** with **235 chords** in harmony in all scales/keys and notes.. with a 4 mode step edit arpeggiator, jump, jump up buttons, chord complexity level 0-3, window size 15-45 buttons deep.. * make sure you have the latest version installed (visit this topic): https://forum.renoise.com/t/hurray-for-ChordLord/62253 **Secret turbo user trick: Right click the Scroll to scroll big steps!** Choose a default velocity and octave at the top of the Renoise window.. Also use the tools Inversion to make chords lower/higher. Download and open, doubleclick, or drap the tool into Renoise, version 3.1 or higher (currently: Renoise 3.3.1), to install the tool. You can then find the new version above via menu Tools.. ChordLord 3.06.235 (235 chords), or the older versions of it not used anymore. You may also want to try pattern loop mode (numpad Enter) and play cursor following turned off (Scroll Lock button) when experimenting with Record mode on (if you do not want to enable the OSC server). More info on setting the firewall for the OSC server at the bottom of the Renoise forum post. * make sure you have the latest version installed (visit this topic): https://forum.renoise.com/t/hurray-for-ChordLord/62253 ChordLord is developed by EatMe ( http://eatme.pro/donate ) / over 1/3rd of code Panda ( https://paypal.me/benjohnson2001 ) / 1/3rd of code Suva ( remixta ) / 1/3rd of code - Special thanks to Pone / thank you! Joule / thank you! Neuro..No Neuro / thank you! ..this post was edited 2021-03-18. ..download attached to this post is the English version of ChordLord v3.06.235 tool for Renoise. You may want to visit the Renoise tools pages to find your latest version of ChordLord or AcordeSenor.
Complete Chords
for Bitwig Studio 5 [Show all for]
by arod1213 [Show all by] on 9 April 2018
Downloaded: 493 timesChords
The device will take MIDI note input and produce a chord type with the input note as the root.

Remote Controls for:

Chord Type
Chord Inversion
Bass Note
Soprano Note
and Duplicates above and below.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.