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Some filmy ambient cinematic styled pads I made so far for the M1 vst. When loading in the fxp, please make sure you click the Multi button on the M1 so it will work, as I made these presets in Multi mode. If you are using the Korg M1 vst externally (desktop version), go to File (next to System), then Load Program to load the fxps (or hold down Ctrl then press i on your keyboard for a shortcut). If you are using Cubase, when you have loaded in the M1, there should be a diamond shaped icon on the top of the M1. Click that, then Import FXP/FXB to load them in. If you are using another DAW, check it's manual to see how to load it in. No need to credit me. It is all free and you can use these presets for your commercial or non-commercial songs. :) Nicole Marie T Updates: Updated And Reuploaded Today (30.05.18)

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pure:unmaskDynamic EQ
by sonible
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Cubase Pro 13
Sequencer / Multitrack
by Steinberg
Favorite DAW - Best Audio and MIDI Software - KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2023
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