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Hello guys

We have known for a long time that Native Instruments has discontinued the excellent toneweel B4 organ emulator plugin. As a user and fan of these plugins, I have always looked for an effective alternative, but one that runs on x64 and has some updates.

I tried several other plugins and there are really good options out there, but for some reason I ended up really liking Arturia's B3.
And I got this one.

However, I missed some B4 presets that were my "to go" to start any composition. That's why I decided to reinstall my copy of the old B4 (using x64 bridge) and use its presets as a base to create some really cool ones that were close to the sounds I liked on the B3. Obviously they are different in several aspects, as the architecture and sound of the B3 and B4 are definitely distant, but the general sound of the presets was surprisingly close and when not, a little better for my ears!

The naming of the presets are not exactly the same, to avoid any kind of problem with NI, but I put names that refer to the original presets to make it easier for former B4 users.

Some presets could not be replicated because they contained tonewheels from other organs such as farfisa, continental and harmonium, so it was not possible to approximate the sound using the tonewheels of the B3.

I make these presets available for free, as I made them for my use only, but I believe it can be useful for someone. Any modifications or suggestions are welcome as the work of other ears can help refine these presets.

In the strongest hug to all!
64 patches by MGF Audio. An even mix of leads, bass, pads and SFX.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.