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Louisville, KY. USA

AbstractCatsSD, is the sound design side of AbstractCats (Scott "AC" G.) I've been into Computer based music and sound design, for about six years. I've recently created commercial packs. I'll be developing more sounds in the coming months.
The goal is to produce creative sounds, for a great price.

Also, I'll be learning Reaktor and producing some things for it.

Thanks, ScottAC G.

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by abstractcats at 20 Dec 2015, 18:22
Directwave(Image Line) Samples, coming in 2015!
by abstractcats at 18 Aug 2015, 18:47
Reaktor ACSD
by abstractcats at 28 Jun 2014, 15:55
AbiTron! For Synthmaster! Still in progress 5.14.2015!
by abstractcats at 4 Mar 2014, 10:47