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Latest reviews of Apari products

Odaku Effect
Reviewed By pannewb
December 27, 2004

I got The Odaku Effect about 3 weeks ago and like it as a mastering effect a lot. I use it quite a bit. It has a few compatibility issue with cheaper soundcards, but it is perfect for putting an accent on say, a kick that doesn’t stand out or other sounds as well. It seems to be a bit of distortion, a nice EQ set on loudness without the high end, and some slight degrading like copying from .wav to .ogg too many times. A great accent effect, although I would never use it for some sounds like strings or trumpet. Too bad it has no controls.
I’m surprised no one has ever reviewed it. It is noteworthy in the effects archives of KVR.
There are not very many lo-fi effects this good for free. The next best thing to do is to convert from M-PEG III wav and back. This is a much better and easier equivalent.
Amazingly Simple, no controls
Not great for some things, but fantastic as an accent and good for drums in general
Given it has no controls, it is very versatile, because putting on multiple layers produces a much more EQ than lo-fi
Unnecessary, the few lines at the website are plenty.
Only one preset (no controls), which is decent
Customer Support
Never tried it, but there is an email.
Awesome value, free for a good effect
Some problems with cheap souncards with the stereo version. Otherwise, bug freeRead Review

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