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Alan Parsons' ASSR is a leading provider of educational materials and services for Music Production and The Recording Arts with such products as The Art & Science Of Sound Recording video series, ASSR—The Book (Hal Leonard), Session Files, a raw multitrack library and a new Music Production Curriculum course for schools.

About Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons is multi-platinum, GRAMMY winning producer, engineer and artist, trained at Abbey Road as he assisted The Beatles Abbey Road and Let It Be. After engineering Dark Side Of The Moon, Parsons became a highly successful producer for Al Stewart, Pilot, Cockney Rebel, and Ambrosia as well as producing a string of hits with The Alan Parsons Project. Alan Parsons continues to engineer and produce as well as play live with the Alan Parsons Live Project. He released his fifth solo album The Secret on Frontiers Records in May 2019, the same year as he won the Grammy for Best Immersive Album for the 35th Anniversary edition of Eye In The Sky. Alan founded ASSR with musician and author Julian Colbeck in 2010.

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