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We are a diverse team of creatives from many backgrounds with a shared desire to help you create better sound by crafting unique audio tools.

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Reviewed By elviecho
February 4, 2021

Tools like Riffer are the secret weapons for all musical non-educated music makers.
Choose key, pattern lenght, number of notes, shuffle-mode, motion direction, sustain and tied notes and than...
hit the random button!
Or let Riffer hit it by itself e.g. every 4 bars. With the right settings the results are very usable.

Take three instances of Riffer (bass, pad, lead) and one or two instances of Playbeat, an other great tool by Audiomodern,
and you have a endless but not repetitive playing jukebox.;-)
5 Stars for fun and usability!

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Reviewed By elviecho
July 31, 2020

Not reinvented the wheel but made a usefull filter step gate.
Recommended for all who love easy to use, nice looking fx plugins with a randomizer.
Not recommmended for grumblers always finding something to complain about although it's free.

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Reviewed By ludl
October 12, 2019

A quick review of Playbeat which I purchased yesterday at the discounted limited time price.

Windows 10 using Sonar and the standalone version.

In the DAW, I found that occasionally the buttons would stop responding to clicks. It is easy enough to get responses back by closing the VST window and then reopening. This causes the buttons to start responding again.

The only big disappointment for me is that saving a preset seems to only save the pattern for the four channels and not the samples that you have selected to build your performance. I built a few very nice pattern / sample combinations and saved the presets. On loading the presets the sample boxes are blank, the correct patterns are there for the beats. I assume this is how it works by design, but I would suspect many users would not want to have to remember and reselect the samples they used to create the preset.

However, Playbeat is a great deal of fun and amazingly easy to use. For those working on a project, it is a no brainer to record your backing parts in the DAW to an audio track.

At the intro price this is a sweet VST and standalone application.

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