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Products by Audiosonic

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DigiDrum Pro
Reviewed By deepwatermusic
April 29, 2019

This is a powerful drum machine VST. I fear that it gets overlooked because it is only 5 parts, but a lot of tweaking can be done to each drum. Like many Drum VSTs each part has it's own assignable output, gain, pan, tuning and support for loading your own samples. But each part also has its own independent filter with cutoff and resonance. The filters are Low Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject and High Pass. There is also a section allowing you to control the Amp, Filter & Pitch with velocity all on the Main Page. Very nifty.

Under the Settings Page there is a Global Filter with separate controls for each part. Under this page you will find that each part has an assignable MIDI channel, Note Trigger, Bend range (cool for samples especially) and output.

DigiDrum Pro is very user friendly, sounds amazing and is very flexible.

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