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Reviewed By miegler
March 27, 2005

What? New Reviews yet?
So I am the first one.
I came to Azeta66 incidently. The gui looked nice so I downloaded it. An what surprise! Despite of the fact that this is a JASSS (just another synthedit subtractive synth) you get a very well sounding analogue synth.
First of all the sound: It has all the warmth and smack you would expect from an analogue synth. It has "only" a 24 db low pass filter, but a very good one. Also the other parameters are limited to what a classic analogue synth really needs. There is also an overdrive and a chorus, which are ok but not spectacular. I use the VST effects instead and I am completely happy with it. In my opinion there is no need to overload soft synths with effects anyway. The presets are ok, but not overwhelming. The synth invites to twiddle parameters especially encouraged by the well made GUI. Then you will experinece the true strength of this synth.
My summary: If you need classic synth basses, brasses, fat pads and leads AZETA66 offers all you need.

Now for the rest:
GUI: Very well done and very appealing.
Flexibility: Limited, but completely sufficient for analogue sound programming.

So simply get this character synth and it will find its place in your tracks. And after a while you will ask yourself, how you could live without it.Read Review