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baKno Audio
www.baknoaudio.com / info@baknoaudio.com

baKno is a software development studio headquartered in Miami, FL since 2006. Our journey began with the creation of video games, which are sold through our website (www.baknogames.com) and various app stores. To date, we have launched more than 25 titles that operate on different platforms such as desktop, mobile, console, and VR. In 2018, we expanded our horizons by providing development services to other companies under the name baKno Apps (www.baknoapps.com).

Our passion for music production started with a band (www.gafufa.com), inspiring us to create professional-sounding songs. After completing formal training in mixing and mastering, we discovered the fascinating world of sound engineering and set out to incorporate our creativity and simplicity into audio processing plugins.