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Creative Intent

Based in Boston, MA, and born out of a love for the intersection of music and technology, Creative Intent is a small initiative to bring modern design and innovative sounds to music production.

Products by Creative Intent

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Reviewed By juliandoe
December 9, 2019

this is a great unit, not CPU hungry, versatile and very tweakable. For my taste, it sounds better in the hi-gain territory, especially on 808s, subs and basses. Less pleasant on guitars or high pitched instruments.

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Reviewed By Russell Grand
September 24, 2017

Temper is a fantastic phase distortion plugin from Creative Intent. At first glance, it may seem pretty limited due to having only a small amount of controls, but with the filter section and the saturation and curve knobs, one can get a lot of great sounds out of this thing. Whether beefing up a bassline or adding some spice to a drum track, Temper is a good tool for the job. I especially love what it can do for basses and hi-hats. The filter itself is excellent, with the ability to get some nice squelchy distortions; just watch your speakers.

The GUI may be too dark for some, but personally I love it. I mainly use FL Studio so I'm used to and prefer dark color schemes. The fiery display is a nice touch, and the controls themselves are solid and fluid.

As far as customer service, Nick is personable and active here on KVR. I sent him a private message and he replied later that day.

Temper is available in VST, VST3, and AU, and at $10 is an absolute steal. Temper gets a solid 9/10 from me.

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