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Reviewed By BlackAngel43
April 11th, 2021

This is a very very good simplistical style delay/echoer, which in todays uber advanced world of modern day delay technologies that can be a bit exacerbated as for serviceability, usefulness applicatory wse, can be a great thing. In essence, sometimes it's just to much with all the ms devs trying to out better one anothers delay plugin simply put. But Rhythm delay is, & does exactly what it says in name. It's extremely "Rhytmical" in the way the algorithm portrays it's imagining. Can be used on practically anything, but from a few years experienced owning the plugin i woud say it's best suited for drums which is a good thing bkz many delays don't exactly work effeciently well on drums a lot of times from my endeavors at least. But RD is good bkz it's (clean) & has a very good 'start/stop" engine if u will under the hood. Very easy to dial in for unique drum textures that improve your over all dream imaging presentationally in the track. Again, it's very clean, but is very "Mathmatical" in it's feature controls that are very finite with control of "Speeds". It's also so simple bkz u just highlight what ever individual boxes that all have different (per note ratios i.e 1/4, 1/8th) etc, which u can then do "combination" box/note matching for randomized results and so forth. I like to use it on a whole drum pattern set, or even more effectively on each drum sound in the set, leaving some element "dry" while adding Rhythm delay to other element drum sounds in the set adds a "professional" sheen, texture to the full sound of the drum, giving them an "Album" feel to them. Rhythm Delay is very powerful, and simple at the same time, if not over thought, and used sparing, or in some cases aggressively, you'd be suprised what RD does bkz it is exact, but has the ability to get chaotic lol, but the base is to be a clean delay that u can still add other effects with on the drums with out it becoming a big stereo imaging battle for space. RD has a "free, or synced" with very deep "Micro seconded" delay speed value control. ALso has a (smoothing), & or preence knob that allows you to kind of offset, place the effect within the drum imagining sound plate. In summary, it doesn't have the "Reverb & or Chorused" added features of a more advanced delay efx plugin, no "Pitch shifting" & exotic filtiers ahah, and THAT is what gives it it's advantage & additional value, usefulness etc. Sometimes you just want a delay that's simple, clean, exact, & gives you strong repetitive algorithmic motion consistent of a drummers timing rhythm if u will, so it's (natural) almost human like rhythmic response, woven in with tight per note scaling, minus the special fx. I use this delay in almost every beat session bkz i can use it to "glue" my creative idea production wise together more easily when adding Rhythm Dela to a particular instrument, Drums, or to fill in empty spots, & that don't feature a sound, or texture that may leave the beat feeling bland, abandoned, or naked. RD "Blends" that empty air space in the creative space between the ideas you are coming up with while producing. It makes idea's formulate more accurately. This is a very UNDER RATED delay plugin, & for everything it's not, or may at first glance turn people off is exactly why, & what makes it's so great!! It's one of those "u just have to use/try it" to know how potent, useful great in application it is. It also boast a very "warm", & analog sounding echoes algorithm, low CPU as well. so it's most def a "Tool" that is not only nice to have, but necessary bkz it covers a lot of creative ground unintentianally which is what makes it powerful. 10/10 if i could rate it that high lol. I love plugins that u can actually use creatively in all the times, in any given situation & they always produce pleasing, unexpected results, that's what RD does. It makes sounds, drums, instruments etc "fit", blend sonically where otherwise they may not have seemed to have worked well with out RD being added to help imbellish the sonic texture plate.

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