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Dawvelopment is founded by musicians and developers.
The rule is very simple:

Musicians usually cannot make applications and Developers usually don't deal with music.
The combination of these activities brings interesting results.

So, Dawvelopment is made as an effort to equip the amateur and professional musicians with software tools for making music with computers.

The name Dawvelopment is a combination of the words DAW and development.
DAW means Digital Audio Workstation and it is the main application every musician uses.
Some examples are Cubase Pro by Steinberg, Logic Pro by Apple, Pro Tools by Avid etc.

The last ten years, there is an increase in using multiple MIDI Controllers in order to give more expression to musical instruments which are produced by software. A big example is Kontakt by Native Instruments but nowadays almost all software instruments provide the opportunity to deal with such expression controls.
However, in hardware market there are not many brands which produce this kind of tools. Usually we can find these tools integrated on expensive synthesizers and some cheaper alternatives don't provide flexibility.

MIDI stands for Musical Instruments Digital Interface. It is the protocol which allows the communication between musical devices and computers.

Dawvelopment's main goal is to " keep musicians in the musical process " and not distract them with many technical and complex stuff.