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I'm not a 'real' developer, but sometimes I can't stop realizing a certain idea. That started with lots of plugins for the soniccore scope platform about 14 Years ago. You can still find these creations in the devices-forum at https://forums.scopeusers.com/ .

Since then I was looking for a solution, to be able to use my ideas as vst-plugins. I like modular concepts like meldaproductions MXXX but I feel more familier with FLOWSTONE, which now has a perspective as 64-bit platform since the alpha-version is ready. I'm grateful to be able to use this fine piece of software and I'd like to share some vsts here.

This is my way giving back something to all those developers and musiscians, which made many things in music production and education possible for me, without spending too much money. If you think these devices are worth some money, please donate the money to projects of your choice which need it and do good things (up to your opinion) in the world.

Have fun with the devices & please give me feedback.

Martin Derknott.