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Colorado, USA

DerricoCrew is a small software company located in Colorado. USA. It was founded by film composer Mark D'Errico.

Products by DerricoCrew

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Reviewed By tific
January 20th, 2023

I'm gratified to see another product & Developer emerge.As touch screen software is not just for touchscreens. DAWSound also tackles some issues users have with touch software.


The menu & it's colours are customisable & decoupled from the template workspace.
The interface is resizable so a template can be shrunk to accommodate a single widget.
There's minimal mouse jumping or focus issues between other applications or multiple monitors.
Transparency, background image insertion, the ability to insert your own fonts.
MIDI routing, macro tools & shortcuts so it can be used as a desktop utility or MIDI processor.

The Mouse wheel can be used for calibration etc. Widgets can send velocity data.

Some refinements.

The enlarged MIDI monitor window blocks the MIDI ports.
The auto reset feature is too fast & would welcome another parameter which calibrates the reset speeds.

I'm sorry to state this in public but I think that choice of theme & the aesthetic of some official templates is polarising & unflattering for a frequently updated product.


Assignable MIDI out for regular buttons.
0 - 360 degree rotation of widgets.

Radio buttons.

Undo history.


Option to select all items to resize, share colours etc.

Options to group buttons or faders.
Hex code input or a colour picker.
An endless encoder widget with a choice of a regular dial or a ribbon.
Enable the insertion of images & MIDI features for button & pads
Expand the transparency so the user can still access items behind the template.

I would also welcome some clarity on the frequency and details on what is being updated.

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Reviewed By Jarway101
December 23rd, 2022

DAWsound is the most amazing and versitile customizable Toucscreen MIDI Controler Ive come across it has MIDI learn functionality you can have as many Controllers as you like any Color or size you can do full Cross Fadding with the XY pad or the Fadder, asignable buttons, nobs, Note function, and more there are no more exuses this is a game changer if you love mixing in your DAW in real time this is for you, a real time Sound Sculpturing tool I Love it...Jar.

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