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Design the Media

Design the Media is a French self-funded company based in south of France in Marseille. Design the Media is actually Julien Bayle and several talented collaborators all over the world. You can check this page if you want to contact us!

Design the Media
founded in 2010, this self-funded company provides knowledge, ideas and experiences about the design of futuristic tools for artistic creation & expression through:

  • Courses (Ableton Live, Max6, Max for Live).
  • Products (VST & AU, Max & Max for Live).
  • Consulting (Installations design, software design, social network strategy).

Julien Bayle, born 1976, is a composer, sound designer, coder, engineer, media installation designer and music performer.
He floats inside ambient and drone soundscapes and can be found inside dub techno too.
Some extracts of his music is there: http://soundcloud.com/protofuse.
He uses a lot of technology and teaches courses about Max6 environment, Ableton Live & Max for Live's addon.

He's one of the official Ableton Certified Trainer and one of the rare to master Max for Live at the same time.
He's the first and the only one in the great south of France.

He loves electronic hardware and used to create hard & soft interfaces.
He built his own MIDI controller to control his Ableton Live's liveset during musical live performance: protodeck controller.
He delivered all schematics, firmwares etc on his website because he wanted it as an inspiring open-source project.

He releases music & performs live as protofuse and under his own name too.
He leads a music label named bitsquare.

He leads Design the Media which provides courses/training about Max6 and Max for Live & consulting about hardware and software interface based on Arduino, Midibox or other environment.