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VIVID Kontakt Suite
Reviewed By naomi
January 20, 2021

I haven't actually used it yet, but as far as I can see on YouTube, it's the application I want most. Operation evolves. So I think this application is invention grade.

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Reviewed By kurekt1
July 6, 2016

Not the best sounding, but the fact that its a spoof makes it by far the best of DUBturbos free lineup. I have no idea what some of the controls do thanks to the ridiculous labels, but that's part of what makes this great! TBH the quality is on par with the rest of DUBturbos free vst's, which is to say cool looking but bad sounding. However the interesting vox and beatbox samples make this one a keeper.

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Reviewed By h.kamminga
October 19, 2015

The free version only works for 1 sample, the are many free vsti offeringen goed features. This one just sucks, It the same for all the other stuff.

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