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Freakshow Industries

Creators of subversive and ridiculous audio production effects for sound designers and experimental music producers. Visit freakshowindustries.com to sign up for updates.

Products by Freakshow Industries

Latest reviews of Freakshow Industries products

Reviewed By franciscrowe
February 23, 2020

Love this company and their Cthulu anarchist design style. Beautifully chaotic sounding and a lot of fun to use, especially when used with automation. They have a couple of other great sound manglers available as well.

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Reviewed By AmbedoBass
February 20, 2020

I have been loving this plugin so far. Add a touch to pads to give a heap of character. Or you can go hard with this VST and completely mangle your sounds into something completely new. Very fun VST to experiment with, a happy accident machine some might say.

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Reviewed By krankyone
October 29, 2017

Strange and interesting. This is not your bread and butter delay. Just try it. I'm eager to see what else Freakshow Industries comes up with.

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