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Fujiya Instruments is a manufacturer of sample library for computer-based audio production.

Location : Japan.

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Vintage Humbucker Guitar LE is one of the best guitar sample library for Kontakt I have ever used. It is just GREAT for any music genre.

With the articulations, Vintage Humbucker Guitar LE lets you "play" almost any licks and riffs that you come up with. Though they seem a bit confusing at first, you get used to them very soon. In fact, you will be stunned by what this guitar sample library has to offer with those key switches along the way.

It is very light on memory and CPU as well. I always have two mono modes and one chord mode long with one of Scarbee basses, a Kontakt DRUMMER kit or a Addictive Drums 2 kit, and other instruments in one song on Studio One 3, and I never had any problem with my PC (Win10 64-bit, IntelCore i7-7700, 16G of RAM) .

Another thing I would like to mention is the sound. These carefully-recorded guitar samples sound great through high gain (or heavier) amp sims but it actually sounds AWESOME through crunch amp sims. I particularly love how the sound changes depending on velocities. It's just like you are playing a real guitar (the harder you hit the strings, the more driving sound you get and when you're playing softer, the sound gets milder).

All those easy-to-use, composer-friendly articulations and this excellent, realistic sound for just $69? It is a no-brainer. Fujiya Instruments' Vintage Humbucker Guitar LE is a must-have guitar sample library for Kontakt.

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