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I'm Steven Kraninger AKA ImprovOid.

I have been programming software and playing music for a LONG time.

Lately I have been learning about Audio Software, DSP, IOT, and real time programming.

Most of the programming I have done (and am still doing) is business applications using Visual Studio and the C#, VB.NET stacks.

My new Audio Programming is being done in C++ using the JUCE framework and Faust based DSP code. Also hand coded C++ DSP. My objective is to provide something interesting and useful that you will want to use.

I have also been developing some audio boxes using the Axoloti audio IOT platform. It is a STM32 based IOT device that has some very nice USB, MIDI, Interfacting, and Audio capability It has a very nice graphical development environment similar to PD that compiles to C++ code, then to real time code for the Axoloti.

My current repositories contain some Free and Open Source VSTs that can be used in hosts that support 64-bit VST3's. They could be ported to other platforms quite easily, and may be by this time you read this.