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Plugivery, 1403-4311 Old Orchard Avenue, H4A 3B6, Montreal, QC, Canada

"ircamLAB", a software collection by IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music), is dedicated to manufacturing powerful audio software and plug-ins, based on decades of research and technological innovation.

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Reviewed By shakfu
January 2nd, 2021

Fantastic audio editor from Ircamlab with state-of-the-art features for editing, sound design and remixing. The time-stretching quality alone is worth the price and is the best I've ever heard. Can't recommend this enough.

If you understand French, there's a great video overview by the designer which does it justice.

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The Snail
Reviewed By Zargg
November 28th, 2020

I have had it crash every time I have opened it on Win 10. Both as standalone and as Vst.

I still haven't been able to test it, due to crashes all the time.

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The Snail
Reviewed By ggg
January 1st, 2019

This is my favorite tuner now. It shows the full spectrum of the string, in the huge spiral spectrum that moves as you tune the string. It zooms into your tuning by showing a rotating hexagon that represents the tuning of your string with respect to the tuning reference. It makes it fun to perform intonation on your guitar or other instrument.

This is different from most anything you probably have ever used. You can use it to see what notes are in a chord, to see what notes are being played in a recorded song, and it is great for tuning.

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