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Key Instruments
key-instruments.com / info@key-instruments.com
De Parse 9C, 8491 PJ Akkrum, The Netherlands

Key Instruments, situated in Friesland in the Netherlands, was established in 2020. Due to the pandemic recording sessions at Key Productions were postponed. This gave us a lot of free time to think about pursuing dreams. One of those ideas was to create the best sampled virtual piano instruments which will inspire pianists to play. Because Key Productions has a great collection of unique key instruments, it really was a no-brainer to start sampling these awesome instruments. That is why we starting with our baby grand piano The Oeser, sitting in the lounge of Key Productions. Therefore we chose this as our starting point. Because if we can sample such a characterful piano with all its quirks, we believe we can achieve everything. And what a great development that was, resulting in our first sampled virtual piano instrument "THE OESER".