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Laptop Musician Blog is a website dedicated to free and affordable electronic music production tools. We also cover the music industry.

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Reviewed By Eduardo Lima
April 25th, 2020

Absolutelly great. Beaultifull sounds almost religious.

very mystical that I couldn't find even in reputed famous.

paid softwares. And I tested them. I highly recommend to.


Padspheres 64 Windows.

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Reviewed By Darren Eddy
July 27th, 2019

A beautiful collection of pad sounds, I'm very impressed. Easy to install, simple to use. Perfect for Electronica/Ambient/Drone Music.

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Reviewed By Northwood Mediaworks
July 12th, 2019

I highly recommend this. Great sounding plug and useful for Ambient/Chill productions - Lots of useful presets and aesthetically pleasing. A big thanks to the Dev(s) for this freebie.

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Reviewed By Starship Krupa
June 25th, 2019

Nice little ROMpler collection of 25 long slow ambient pads.

Has the standard ADSR and that's it.

If you want to do some ambient soundscapes, and get there quick, Padspheres is worth a look.

If you want to build your own unique sounds, go elsewhere.

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