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MOD Devices
MOD Devices, Wilhelm-Kabus-Stra├če 21-35, 10829, Berlin

The MOD's journey began in 2008, when Gianfranco Ceccolini decided to design a digital pedalboard that would give musicians more freedom. Gian got together with Angoera Sistemas Eletr├┤nicos and they both started working on the first prototype, based on a DSP.

Development was slow until 2010, when the design was financed by the PRIME Program and the first protoype was completed. After a series of tests involving musicians, and thanks to increasingly popular new technologies, the DSP was replaced by a PC and Linux-based structure at the end of that year. In early 2012, with a new version of the prototype in operation, Hacklab, a software development company with extensive experience of web and free software development, joined the venture. The pedalboard assembly interface, MOD Social and MOD Cloud were born.

In 2013, the MOD Quadra came into existence. In September of that year, the MOD Quadra was officially launched at ExpoMusic Brazil. The impact was significant. Hundreds of onlookers, journalists and musicians came to the MOD stand and were very impressed by what they saw. In October of the same year, the MOD Quadra went on sale and what started as an idea finally became a product.

MOD today

Thanks to the overwhelming response, the MOD was able, for the first time in its history, to assemble a team that was totally dedicated to its development.

By the end of 2014, a crowd funding initiative will be launched by the website Kickstarter for the sale of the MOD Duo, which provides the same concept of freedom of installation and creation as the MOD Quadra, but in a smaller and more affordable version.

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Reviewed By bulevardi
March 6th, 2019

The Mod Duo is a pedal with software inside that you can reach via a webbrowser on the computer, you can connect via USB.

You can create effect pedal chains, for guitar, but aswel create chains for synths and other instruments to connect a MIDI keyboard etc...

The ModDuo has many many options under the hood, so many that I haven't figured out everything yet, it has endless possibilities.

I made a few pedalboards already in the browser and saved (and backed it up externally). You can use it in a live setting too, but I now use it in my recording studio to replace an amp and pedalboard.

The sound is very good, but I'm probably going to tweak some more later on when I have more time, but I want to record straight away now, can't wait :p... so I'll probably create other boards later.

I like the way it's open source and can be updated with lots of pedals in the future.
A nice extra is that there's a helpful community where you can exchange your own made pedalboards.

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