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MRT audio
+905365608081 / technical@mrtaudio.com
Bah├želievler Mah. Sedat Simavi ?ok. No6, Samsun turkey

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Fantastic breath controller for the cost. Very expressive and smooth regardless of sensitivity/gain setting. Offset control provides a cut off point or threshold for zero. The headset is comfortable. The usb power in via usb, outlet, or keyboard is a handy way of powering the unit. MIDI out connector works great for direct control of hardware also flashing the unit is easy. Best BC unit I have tried very nice sensor. Works well with the emu tab 1x1 MIDI usb cable for using the unit with a computer.

Remarkable customer service within 24 hrs ship to states within two weeks. MRT Audio is a great source for a fantastic breath controller unit. I would recommend using this with anything that excepts CC controller input you can use cc1 cc2 cc11 and after touch for further compatibility with today's advanced plugins and synthesizers.

Thank you MRT Audio.

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