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Reviewed By stonepiano
January 6th, 2019

Very stable and flexible VST for accordion sounds. Works great for my application, which was kind of folky celtic music. Probably not what the developer intended but then again, that's the beauty of building instruments. You never know what someone is going to do with it.

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Reviewed By Igrewsome
December 21st, 2014

I'm really surprised nobody's written a review of this piano yet! I've got several: 4Front, EVM, and this one. EVM sounds amazing, but has an out of tune note and is somewhat CPU heavier. If all you are doing is piano, by all means, EVM is great. But when you've got 22 tracks already loaded...

4Front is nice, but doesn't sound as good.

General is very nice in that it's right about the same CPU load as 4front, but has a tone equalling EVM. When I first went looking, I was put off by the apparent lack of any real reviews of it. Now that I've used it, I'm correcting it.

If you're looking for a CPU-light piano that sounds good, this one is it. I was blown away with it. Nice, rich, clear, heavy tone... if you're using a MIDI keyboard and a sustain pedal, this one would really shine.

As I've done in other reviews, so that everyone knows where I'm coming from, I'm mostly a heavy metal/shred style guitar player. I've owned a few synths over the years (Korg Delta, Korg Poly-800, Moog Taurus II, Electro-Harmonix Micro-synth, the cheezy little Casio sampler keyboard, and a Roland Sound Canvas) but I really only consider myself a keyboard player for about a year... and each and every one of you reading this are probably much better keyboard players than I am.

I put it in a downtempo tune right away, I think this really highlights the sound of the piano. It's free, sounds great, is CPU light... how can you go wrong.


if that link doesn't work, try http://www.reverbnation.com/igrewsome/song/22163887-new-creation

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Reviewed By MeldaProduction
December 7th, 2008

I've been looking for a good piano ever since. And truly, I was desperate. Most commercial products (and there are many many many of them) sound very good at first key-hit, but when you play some more notes, the sound becomes kind of muddy. Moreover they start for 5 minutes if you're not lucky.

Eventually I have found Prova. It has a weird name, absolutely no user interface, just one piano sound and is made in synthmaker.
But it starts in a nanosecond, takes almost no CPU and sounds pretty good.

About the sound - it is not perfectly realistic. But it is bright, I mean very bright, so that even complicated compositions full of jazzy harmonies sound good. Maybe it is only my personal taste, but I like it this way.

Also the attack and release are very very fast, but that is very good for rhythmical music. It sound kind of "different", but I was very surprised, how easily can this thing fit into my compositions full of drums and bases.

The only thing about the sound, is some kind of odd balance between both channels, but it seems that mix to mono does not make any phasing or whatever, so it is probably only my feeling.

It has no settings or effects. This make it a little harder to use, but I want to use my effects anyway...

Yeah, and did I mention that it is free?? :-)

Now I'm really stucked - I don't know what points to give, because I like it a lot but there is no user interface :-).. Nevermind, so I'll make some compromise and choose some mediocre rating for those points.
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Reviewed By Jay Sherman
April 3rd, 2007

It's rather difficult to write a 1000 character (required) critique for a simple one sound VST but I liked these strings so much that I'm going to try.

I found this sound pleasantly full bodied. Also the notes come up to full strength very quickly, which was important for a fast paced song I'm tweaking that has strings in the lower octaves.

Occasionally I like to just improv on the keyboard for ideas and this is my number one pick for a sound to do so with.

As a one sound VST, there really isn't an interface, and of course it's a "one trick pony" and that's fine. It doesn't need a manual. It doesn't have nor need any presets. I haven't needed customer support. Is it a good value for the money? Time is also Money, and with that said, it's still a great value for the time/money. It has been perfectly stable.

Rach's Prelude in C# minor sounds very good on it. Messing around in C# sounds real good in general. The high pitched notes sound very smooth as opposed to piercing.
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Reviewed By DRedman
April 1st, 2006

Could be really good. 15MB download - sample based. CPU usage is 2-10% depending on # notes played (P4 2.4 1.5GRam XP)

* Has pretty choice sound - think of a modern electronic honky tonk piano. Clavi-ish piano.... Strong mid-hi range harmonics without too much ear strain. It currently suits a digital sounding mix.
* Really nice sustain - it follows a very nice acoustic sounding resolution curve.
* Stereo - few pianos properly sample / model the fact that playing low notes means stronger left signal, and hi notes means stronger right signal. This does it very nicely
* Nice photo

* Could do with more low range harmonics, slightly cut midrange - if you were after a vintage acoustic piano disco smile type mix
* Too much attack - ideally attack would decrease as velocity increases. However attacks great as is at upper and lowermost octaves, but not good at midrange where it also has a lot of bell / sawtooth sting.
* Release: the most noticable thing is how quickly the note off release is. It sounds very synthy - unless played with the sustain pedal. And if you play repeated notes with the sustain they attenuate the preceeding ones way too quickly.
* No patches or adjustable parameters, such as AHDSR or dampen. Cant custom assign midi controllers for events eg. change the channel of sustain pedal (on default atm).

All in all its a good effort and free. Itd be loved by people used to good but vergin on artificial sounds, but probably not by acoustic/vintage warmth lovers as it stands.

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Le Piano
Reviewed By jarred_drozd
February 22nd, 2006

i feel compelled to write a review because this vsti deserves it. it's very , very good at what it promises. lounge piano sound. it's an acoustic piano , but not a grand. it's an upright. common upright. that may need some TLC and maybe some tunning. one preset. no controls. it's like sitting at your aunt's piano and clunking away.
sounds amazing with another excellent free vst- that Polish PSP piano verb.
thank you Safwan.
crap, i wanted to end here but apparently i gotta keep going for another 500 letters. alrighty then.
user interface-nothing confusing since thereare no controls.
sound-truly convincing 20 year old upright piano.
features-one superb sound.
documentation-not needed.
presets-look under sound
customer support-look under documentation
value-it's free!
stability-never crashed on my system, where others did crashed.have they ever!
in short , wait i can't say in short because i have been forced to unnecesarily ramble for 500 charachters , when I already made my point 300 charecters ago.
wait i think i'm done.
bye bye
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Reviewed By st3pan0va
May 27th, 2005

I don't really know what the ideal nay (middle-eastern cane flute) sound would be, this doesn't sound quite how I'd expect (more full and consistent tone) but it makes a usable, very breathy flute sound that seems quite convincingly 'real' in a mix if programmed with care. If for some reason you want a 1960s/70s style jazzy-film soundtrack flute, try this.

The scale corrector takes a little puzzling to figure out - a brief readme file would help here but otherwise lack of docs not a problem because there is nothing else to document. No other controls over the sound, which is a drawback, but the basic sound is good quality with no harsh freqencies.

A little heavier on CPU than you'd expect for such a simple instrument (~100MHz) but it's polyphonic so you'll never need more than one instance of it. For some reason I like the airbrush-accident GUI, small but it cheers up a grey VST desktop.

Now I've run out of useful things to say so this last sentence is just to get the review up to the minimum 1000 characters.
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