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SkiSwitcher2 is the second generation of articulation-switching systems for Logic Pro developed by composer, orchestrator, and studio veteran Peter "Ski" Schwartz.

SkiSwitcher2 solves the most significant problems associated with playing keyswitching instruments in Logic Pro X: keyswitch notes don't chase, and, scores become unreadable when they're populated with keyswitch notes. SkiSwitcher2 alleviates both problems by getting notes to inherently "know" which articulation they're supposed to play. Keyswitch notes won't be recorded, thus eliminating both problems.

SkiSwitcher2's approach to articulation switching, in combination with Logic X's Scripting, expand the capabilities of keyswitching instruments and offer new and creative approaches for using them:

Polyphonic Articulation: individual notes in octaves or chords can each play with a different articulation -- simultaneously -- from any keyswitching patch.

Hybrid Instruments: a special kind of SkiSwitcher2 setup that seamlessly combines a keyswitching patch and one or more individual articulations.

Composers running multi-timbral instrument setups, where each articulation is recorded on a different track, will also benefit by using this system:

Track Count Reduction: SkiSwitcher2 facilitates huge reductions in track count by allowing multi-timbral instruments to be operated keyswitching style, thus allowing all articulations to be recorded on a single track.

SkiSwitcher2 is brought to market as an alternative to articulation-switching systems which rely on automation. It is our view that this approach, while simple, doesn't provide enough flexibility for a more professional market, and which don't address the needs of both keyswitching and multi-timbral plugins.

For more details, visit www.skiswitcher.com for details.