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Reviewed By capracan
September 28th, 2020

This one, oh dude, is a very interesting kind of a Reverb. Room colored tweaking, very flexible reverb, self resonance can be a lot of fun for sure. Okay, it seems look like another Reverb today and yes there is not yet ignited potential in it (like the most plugins), to be a independent reverb plugin, but i know...there is some one cooking a good soup. Cant wait for the next step. Have my eyes on it. The Soda Coder i a very nice person also.

Best wishes. Keep on Coding.

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Reviewed By exponent1
May 1st, 2020

Arguably one of the best free soft synths out there in 2020. The dev is super responsive to feature requests, the synth is rock solid, feature rich and amazing sounding. Definitely a keeper.

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Reviewed By capracan
July 21st, 2019

I'm glad, there is an Update. Nice to see evolution process.

Now the way better GUI is resizable. Looks better and smoother.

The sound and the modulation are very good...as we know.

Drag and draw for underscored text makes editing easy...very good...like it.

Issues/ ideas:

  • to see the different Sections is still not very easy, but i am hopefully (little ideas below).
  • minor clicks when playing with the relative strange Envelopes (attack and decay), dont know why, quality and render is on 4, but cranking decay to an envelope edge/spike it clicks while playing.
  • envelope/ filter visuals can be out of visible range, best to see if AR down DS up, or gain and multiplier of Filters is up.
  • the border around the plugin is unnecessary, just thinking.
  • knob resets with double click, like other plugins would be nice.
  • presets BASS/BASS 2, if changing quality over x1, the sound goes quite (its the replaced actual presets folder).
  • rendering seems to have no effect hearable effect ???
  • you can really crank that volume (gain, resonance) up and can possible damage the ears.
  • some Textparts are a bit too blurry, especially when increase the size of the Plugin.

2 Align/ Design Ideas just 4 fun (Unfortunately, I can not edit plugins as I wanted):



--- --- --- --- ---

Bitwig 3 64.

Win 7 64.

Lith 1.0.0 VST3.


Hi, i like that color and that sound too, that sub-basses are nice.

There nice possibilities to tweak sounds, waiting also for the new update of Lith.

I am with Zipede that need tweaks at the GUI. i read about u will realize it.

Here some other points:

- To see the different sections it needs a bit visual help. from left to right signal flow could be a idea. (still in 2.0.2).

- that mouse over flickering is not too bad but inverse that fx is maybe better. (obsolete better in 2.0.2).

- activated buttons are bad visible if an param is highlighted. (now better in 2.0.2).

- find out wich paraneter can switch is not visibe, like "osc mode" or "sub mode".

- if LFO synced, we see just Hz as a feedback, not 1/4 2/8 etc... (better in 2.0.2).

- the Sound Quality of LOW is too bad with crackle and noises, not useable. (better in 2.0.2).

- basic setup on normal quality should be nice, or free choose.(better solved in 2.0.2).

- I miss a kind of randomisation for parameters, if somebody is boring to tweak. (not found in 2.0.2).

- switching presets with arrow needs a magnifying glas. scroll and click presets can be nice. (not sure, but is okay in 2.0.2).

- there is much un-used place, use it;).

Great Project and thank you for its free for this time...


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