Support: +4916099479908
Address: SyS Audio Research, c/o Sebastian I. Hartmann, Wuerzburger Str. 1, D-63791 Karlstein, Germany

It began in 2009 in Bavaria, Germany.

SyS Audio Research is the concentrated creative power of a software-designer/audio-engineer and a visual-designer/producer, with long time experience creating innovative and versatile audio-applications.

We have chosen to strongly underline our dedication to experimentalism by adding "Research" to our software department name. If you are looking for a repetition or refined versions of mainstream-sounds, we can tell you - SyS Audio is not exactly your cup of tea. We are strictly looking for new ways to treat audio or to walk paths that in our vision should have been explored deeper, before giving up on them.

We are absolutely taking our time finishing and releasing new products, but unless explicitly stated otherwise, stuff is still going on. We don't make a living of this. It is what we want to do, without any pressure, so that only the very best ideas and most positive moments be summed up in our products.

If you have any special custom wishes or ideas, feel free to contact us.



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