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Tangent Edge Instruments

Tangent Edge Instruments is a virtual instrument product line by Dutch composer/pianist Niels Dolieslager since October 2014.

TEI is developing inspiring instruments that are easy to use for the softsamplers Kontakt, Halion and Sforzando and the EXS24 softsampler integrated in GarageBand and Logic.

Products by Tangent Edge Instruments

Latest reviews of Tangent Edge Instruments products

Sea Trumpets

Reviewed By thomekk [all]
January 16th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

This is really a surprise!
You really don't need to think of conches when you play it.
It is indeed somewhat meditative, reminds of a recorder / flute / soft reed instrument, and the conches were blown by a musician, who collected them.
There is a free version (which I tried here) and a full version, which I probably will buy later.
You have lots of otions for tweaking, too. And two .nkis, mono + polyphonic.

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Squeaky Chair

Reviewed By thomekk [all]
January 16th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Ok, this is certainly some horror effect.
But: Not that dump as you could imagine for some simple squeaky chair (appearing in your usual movie-fx thing).
It is aleatoric and very tweakable (filters, tremolo, reverb, modulation) and, yes lofi. I like it for its unpredictablebilty..

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Sea Trumpets

Reviewed By Remofumu [all]
September 11th, 2016
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

This library from Tangent Edge Instruments is a jewel imho! I'd played it very slow with convolution reverb and it is like a therapy. All stress was gone! I think it's an amazing instrument for underscore of nature pictures! The download includes 3 Kontakt Versions (3.5, 4.24 and 5.24). The buttons in the user interface could be a bit bigger, so I end with 9 points! So, for everybody who likes unusual sound, try it! Frank Lorenz
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