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Upgrade Your Vocals with Vocal Presets

Join the thousands of artists and music producers already using vocal presets to take their vocals to the next level and get more streams.

Vocal Presets are a tool modern artists and producers are using to instantly mix their vocals. The beauty of the concept is that they enable instant gratification for users, granting them great sounding vocals instantly, no previous mixing experience required.

They're easy to use

All vocal presets lean heavily on the use of stock plugins in order to maximize compatibility with your daw.

Get back to being creative

Skip the mixing and get your creative juices flowing. Our advanced producers and artists like to use vocal presets as a starting point in the studio, making minor adjustments after their creative ideas are recorded. Getting ideas out immediately is extremely important. Enhance your workflow instantly.

Works with your DAW

All vocal presets are compatible with FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Studio One.


"very cool, after Big Trip i could pitch my vocal in a new track! Thank uuu"


"It sounds high quality and saves lot of time figuring out best vocals. Totally worth it."


Click here to get a free vocal preset.