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Science & Art

Wavelet Audio is a production studio run by musicians & software developers, producers and sound designers. The quality of our products is based on experience in programming & digital products development. Take a look at what we can do for you.

Imagine, what if you can not choose what you love more – math or music from the very childhood? You are becoming a professional composer, scientist and programmer working on professional software for the music industry. We are obsessed with both – science and music. Our eager minds will be always open to new technical & music ideas. It helps us to make our instruments at the crossroads of genres and directions.

Our philosophy

Wavelet Audio creates innovative software for modern composers, musicians, producers, and sound designers. We primarily focus on the creation of deeply sampled instruments, we focus on new ideas and technologies. At the same time, we bear in mind that our products should come in handy and it is not about the comfortable interface only. The instruments may be distinguished with regard to the convenience of use. For instance, if we create DI clear bass guitar and do not wish to use native sampler effects, we will definitely add a lot of presets for many currently popular amps, cabinets, etc.

Every developer should know current trends and clients needs (should be an active musician) to offer interesting and required sound tools. For example, if we want to create a trailer sound tool, we'll find out what exactly trailer composers want these days. We will try to make their life easier with our tools.

We will never do «another on» instrument in a rush just because we have to do something to make money. We want you to be sure if Wavelet Audio release something then it was made with care and love <3.

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