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Hi there, .

my name is Andreas Moisa. I am a professional film composer with more than 15 years of experience in the business. I am based in Leipzig, Germany (the hometown of Johann Sebastian Bach) where I live with my wife and daughter.

As a composer I have scored over 200 projects including one of Germany's biggest prime time shows SOKO Leipzig, feature films like The Crossing, documentaries or commercial films for clients like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Under Armour, Porsche, MAN or Krombacher - together with my composing partner Philipp K├╝mpel.

Being a natural sample library and soundset enthusiast I also wrote over a hundred sample library reviews for KEYS magazine Germany since 2008 - and also a variety of technical articles about composing and film music production.

Whatabaudio (or what about you?) is a sounddesign project that I started during the COVID-19 lockdown earlier in 2020. Many of my film scoring projects have been postponed so I grabbed the opportunity to expand on the sound design part of the profession. As much as I love the many offerings of samples and patches out there I always felt that I want my sounds to be a bit different. I needed sounds that can express emotion, are audible but stay out of the way when people talk. More than ten years of experience scoring the crime drama show SOKO Leipzig, a lot of trying and tweaking led me to create my first commercial soundset "Crime Fundamentals" which I now use in almost all of my productions.