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XR-1 Convolution Processor
Reviewed By joeduf
November 17th, 2016

Great Convolution Reverb for Windows! The XR-1 Mini along with some freely available reverb impulse samples is pretty hard to beat at any price. At $20 for the version without the IR libraries it's almost criminal. Best $20 I've spent! I'm going back for the Xenium impulse libraries for another $20. The author has easily earned it. This convolution reverb does true stereo convolution with pairs of WAV files named xxx_L.wav and xxx_R.wav and does so with minimum latency. Easily playable live with your favorite VSTi.

The GUI is intuitive with great features like remembering a history of filesystem paths to various IR library folders you are using. Tweaking the IR volume envelope and EQ is no-manual-necessary simple! Dedicated (M)ute button for the dry channel for sends versus insert usage. Well thought out and well written.

Download the demo to ensure that the plugin works on your system, temporarily disable Avast AV if you have it running (to make your plugin installation go smoother), and if you enjoy it go buy it! You won't regret it.

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