Memento - 100 presets for Ultra Analog *released*

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This won't work for VA-1 for those of who didn't upgrade?

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RLSguitar wrote:Great work, the audio demo sounds so awesome! I've tried subscribing to your newsletter about a week ago and never received a confirmation link email from MailChimp. I tried again a couple of hours ago and still nothing. I've checked my SPAM folder too.
Thanks for the great feedback!
This bank is a sort of nostalgic tribute to the music I heard as a kid.

I just checked my Mailchimp account and it says the subscription worked when you tried again 10 hours ago. I don't know why it didn't last week.
Anyway, I'm about to send you the discount code via PM if you are interested.
ScottZ wrote:This won't work for VA-1 for those of who didn't upgrade?
Unfortunately it doesn't, as Memento was entirely programmed on V2. | soundsets for Synplant, Sylenth1, Diva and more

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