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Post Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:54 pm

I am considering purchasing the Synclavier V synth from Arturia but I am wondering if I will find it redundant. I currently own Logic Pro's Alchemy (both additive synthesis and resynthesis) and Reaktor Razor (hybrid additive) synths, as well as a Kawai K5000W (additive synth). Apart from its particular interface, is there any functionality in Synclavier V that I do not already have more or less covered?

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Re: Question About Arturia Synclavier V

Post Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:04 pm

Synclavier’s one of my favorites for evolving FM. I have Alchemy, and it can’t compare, FM-wise. Watch the videos Arturia first put out - and then put out with the recent update. I think you’ll see it’s pretty unique.

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Re: Question About Arturia Synclavier V

Post Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:24 am

I have Synclavier with the V Collection and although I haven't spent a great deal of time with it..... yet, I'd say it's worth it if you like that type of synth.

Just being able to have an emulation of such a classic monster synth, that was pretty much out of reach of most when it came out, is incredible. It's a deep synth which needs time to learn though, but is worth it.

It's an interesting synth to use and I find its sound typical of FM synthesis but has a refinement in its sound. I have read it's very close to the original, but as usual opinions may vary - but whatever... some very nice presets with lovely pads anyway!

I can't quite get along with Logic's Alchemy synth and although sounding good I find the interface a bit awkward.

Download and try it for free.. that's usually the best way to review soft synths - I find it's the interface as much as the sound that can make me buy or pass by.
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