No sound out of Stooner in FL Studio (12 32bit/64bit and Betas)

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Post Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:47 pm

I've had this in my plugins folder for quite a while after watching the little Youtube video of it performing a kind of spectral transient expanding looked like a better alternative to aidsy broad or multiband transient shaping

Just tried to get it to work again now (had this problem for a while)and it's still the same problem.doesn't produce any sound at all....

I've had this problem since FL 11,so i can rule it out it being an issue exclusive to 12.i don't have any other DAW's on hand at the moment,so i can't check to see if this is a problem in any other DAW

Like the title says,i have ruled this out being a bridging issue in 64bit (i have a few other Synth Edit bits that refuse to work in FL Studio) as i have also tried to get it to work in 32bit FL

Any help would be greatly appreciated

P.S Tried emailing the contact section on your website,but i guess it is obsolete.otherwise i wouldn't have contacted you here

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Re: No sound out of Stooner in FL Studio (12 32bit/64bit and Betas)

Post Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:45 am

my samplers have a very "stringent" (lazy) tolerance on wav format... wavs created with eg. wavosaur work fine. wavs distributed in sample packs made by nobends with giant headers full of crap don't load :hug:

i'm a simple coder, i hate using libraries (eg. someone else's wav loading routine) and i didn't want to spend my entire life writing a wav loading routine, so basically it uses real "old time" format, checks to see if "DATA" is there three or four times, but if the header is extra long (eg. what fools like to do today) the routine balks.

so it sucks but if you have a sample you want to use, use wavosaur to copy/paste it to a "new wav" without all the fuckign bullshit of idiots and it ought to work :)

meanwhile, you're free to punch sample pack developers in the head until they go away so we can have a society that doesn't dick each other to death.

a format is a convention. people want to stretch it and put their life story in there (like i do with my posts). works out terrible for people.

anyway, thanks for being interested :)
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