TIP: Making your own Easy preset (101).

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Easy screen views are created by editing the Multiparameters (MPs) in the plug-in. You can set many of the properties including the name, colour, appearance, grouping, behaviour and help for each one. Please note that some aspects of the general layout cannot be controlled.

Select a preset from the Preset browser (click the [Preset] button at the top of the GUI). You could, of course, create your own from scratch.
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/CGuZOBg.png

Open the Multiparameters panel so that you can see them.
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/lRmaw3h.png

Choose an unused MP (M 1) in this case, click the menu button, select "Quick Learn", then adjust the parameter (the Global Dry/Wet in this case) that you want to see on the Easy screen. The MP will now be renamed automatically.
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/USTx2x2.png

Switch to the Easy screen by clicking the [Edit] button. There you will see your first Easy screen parameter. While you are there, collapse the Active Presets list on the left-hand side by clicking the Collapse button below the list.
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/EMGoPmG.png

Click the [Edit] button again. "Quick learn" a few more parameters. Here 3 more are learned; on the Easy screen (which I have resized) they are in 2 groups. Let''s see why.
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/Jlh0nQv.png

Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/XmMpBUM.png

Go back to the Edit screen and click the name of the first MP ("Dry/Wet") to open the MP Editor. In the Appearance panel you'll see the Name of the Easy parameter and the name of the Group in which it is included, along with several other properties. Consecutive MPs with the same Group value are grouped into a single Easy screen panel.

The actual parameter that is controlled by the Easy screen knob is listed in the lower left part of the window ("Globals - Dry/Wet") and how it is controlled is defined in the lower right part of the window (Interval mode, with a range from 0% to 100%).
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/a6BEguQ.png

Now let's try out a few things. Switch to the Easy screen and move the MP Editor window so that you can see them both.
-- change the Editor Mode to "Big",
-- change the Colour to, say, green,
-- change the Group colour to another green,
-- click the "edit information ..." button and type in some useful info.
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/ac4aKT4.png

Have a look at the Easy screen to see the changes and click the [?] button
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/1OgRB9I.png

On the Easy screen, Ctrl+Alt+click on one of the knobs to open its MP Editor, change its Editor Mode to "Button", Colour to red and enable its "Same row" property and observe the changes on the Easy screen.
Image >>> https://i.imgur.com/4D5V8S4.png

Save all this as a new Preset. It will NOT be one of the Active presets listed on the left-hand side but can be loaded from the Preset Browser.

And that's only the start:
-- each Easy screen parameter can control one or more target parameters
-- each Easy screen parameter can have any of ~29 Editor Modes,
-- each Easy screen parameter can be set to Stepped mode (and the number of steps specified)
--- each Easy screen parameter can behave as an on/off Switch, a toggle Trigger, a multi-value switch Bank or an an output Meter,
-- each target parameter can have a different Range Mode,
-- each target parameter can have a different Transformation Shape.


Also, have a look at these:
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Re: TIP: Making your own Easy preset (101).

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Very well! Almost worth having something like that on our site!
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