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Reviewed By KMFDM666
February 13, 2021

For the relatively high price for such a relatively simple plugin, i had expected MUCH more.Popped it in the unused plugins folder after fiddling around with it for an hour or so, left a real bad taste, don't recommend it. So sorry...

Käpt'n K.


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Reviewed By bobmic
December 8, 2020

I noodled around with this thing for two weeks and admittedly didn't care for it very much at first. Like other of the more complex Melda plugins, this one is seriously feature heavy and has a bit of a learning curve. Using it in what I considered to be a "traditional" way, I just didn't feel like I got it right. Then, I discovered some other astoundingly good uses.

As other reviewers mention, this thing can de-ess like nobody's business. I mean, we're talking the most controllable and customizable de-esser that I have ever found. The big secret in all of this is in MSpectralDynamics fully customizable threshold. If you don't know, "s" sounds aren't just one thing. There are at least three components to most performers' sibilance that can be described as high, medium, and low in terms of their frequency content. Whistles are a different beast altogether. Only a few de-essers acknowledge this reality and often have only one frequency, range, or threshold to adjust. In MSD, in conjunction with the built in analyzer, you can be ultra specific about shape of the threshold you draw or customize, giving you total control over the various parts of the sibilants in the material, no matter where they lie in the spectrum.

Also, the way this thing ducks, mentioned by another reviewer, is a thing of absolute beauty. Using this in the sidechain to control the duckee carves a perfect frequency and volume adjustment based on the ducker. Wow! It can make a voice work with a music or sound effects bed like nothing you have ever experienced.

Another favorite use is noise reduction. Easing background noise in a dialogue track is sometimes dicey. MSD can learn a noise signature and subtract to any degree needed.

Spectral gate with custom threshold? Yep, that too.

Yes, it'll take you some time to figure out. Yes, you might get a little frustrated until you figure it out. Once you do, though, this thing is irreplaceable.

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Reviewed By bobmic
December 8, 2020

For the life of me, I do not understand why this isn't one of the most popular non-emulation clean compressors out there. I own more than two dozen compressors, and there are painfully few equals, certainly there is no equal at its ordinary asking price. This thing is so customizable that it boggles the imagination. I often joke that you have to have a PhD to really delve into Melda plugins, but if you are a tweaker, Edit Mode will provide many hours of "down the rabbit hole" experimentation OR use Easy Mode and let it do the work. It is three thresholds by default, but you can draw any custom transfer curve you can imagine with as many or as few thresholds as you might need. Yes, I have read the many threads spewing hate about the interface, but I personally am very used to it and have learned to enjoy it. Then, there's the sound. Utterly crystal clear. This is a spectacular compressor for anyone who will take the time to explore and understand it. I am so glad that I own this.

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Reviewed By AJay
July 28, 2020

Really disappointed with this purchase. Bought this on Plugin Boutique which advertises it with "Up to 16 Tracks with Modular Effect Pipelines" and "each track has it's own MXXX based modular pipeline so that you can actually play bass with your mouth for example."

What they didn't advertise on the Plugin Boutique page is that MOST of these modular effects are in DEMO mode which give random bursts of white noise and you have to spend a lot of cash to unlock the effects within. So no, you can't actually play bass with your mouth without a load of white noise bursts because that plugin is a demo plugin. Sounds more like playing random farts and wheezes with your mouth.

I wish Melda had included the info they have on the KVR page on the Plugin Boutique page also because I definitely wouldn't have bought this knowing there are more financial costs to running a plugin I have already purchased. I'm just really fed up of all these hidden costs and upgrades and subscriptions and Super-Duper-Awesome-Ultimate-Platinum-Upgrade-Package-That-You-Totally-Need-Or-Your-Music-Will-Sound-Crap with software these days.

What's the point of looping live jams and riffing if someone is unable to experiment with the effects without white noise bursts ruining the jam? I would recommend that nobody bother with this as you are basically paying for a DEMO mode of the Melda MXXX package contained within a plugin. Waste of time and waste of money.

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Reviewed By Crholdin
June 10, 2020

Because this isn't a "virtual drummer" VST, but instead an extremely intricate MIDI drum generator and drum VST, I decided to give it a 3/5 - it falls somewhere between Air Strike 2 and Rayzoon Jamstix 4 - both of which I prefer. This should rather be called a "virtual drum [machine/MIDI] programmer" drum VST, or a "drum VST and MIDI drum generator" but it isn't a "live A.I." with a brain like Jamstix, which is the only virtual drum/mer VST. If they called it what it was, I would give it a 4 or 5/5. However, it isn't remotely close to what a virtual drummer is so it lost 2 stars for not being forward. In fact, as much as I think this is better than Strike 2 by Air, I'd rather recommend Strike 2 because it is more of a virtual drummer VST than this is....however, both are inferior by leaps and bounds to Rayzoon.

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Reviewed By basicinsynth
April 1, 2020

Reviewed By craggvalehouse
April 1, 2020

I love this synth / sampler / sonic playground. SoundFactory is probably the most fun and inspiring synth I have used. Sound quality and what sounds 'good' can be just personal taste but of the many synths I have owned over the years it is easily on a par with the best of them.

When people say certain hardware has a bit of extra magic or mojo I just think this has that too.

The beauty for me is you can go deep exploring but also you can just throw together strange combinations of sound generators and fx and modulate them and get interesting results.

The layout can seem daunting at first with pop out menus and so many options but it is actually pretty easy to learn and also there is a lot of help boxes so you can get info on what the controls do and learn things as you go along. It is brilliantly well thought out overall.

I hope Soundfactory does really well - it is its own thing, and some people may be put off by the extra menus or layout etc but I just love the workflow now.. basically it is always inspiring, fun to use and just sounds very good - also you have a huge amount of top quality but pretty crazy FX to modulate and play with.

There is also all the drum side of Soundfactory which looks really impressive too but I haven't even got to that yet so lots to explore still.

It has been a great buy for me so far and I can 100% recommend it.

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Reviewed By GRUMP
February 22, 2020

MSF is not a normal VST. It is a Workstation and a Platform. It is senseless to describe its Possibilities here. Forget what you know about OSC, Wavetables, FM and what ever. MSF exceeds what has been before. It is a big Step forwards in the History of Synthesizers. You should better rethink your Sound Design and Business Concepts as soon as possible.

Annotation: The delivered Presets i. m. O. don't even scratch the Surface of MSF's Possibilities and MSF can not be recommended for People who are looking for another Toybox.

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