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Our products can offer the best sound on the market, incredible workflow and versatility beyond your imagination. We create the deepest and the most powerful audio plugins with unbelievable sound and tons of unique features that you cannot find anywhere else.

Products by MeldaProduction

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Reviewed By Boy Wonder
April 6th, 2022

I had an opportunity to check out this synth today. It's interesting - with the depth and wealth of effects and modulations you can do with, I'm surprised it's often not mentioned in the same breath as, say, Serum, Sylenth1, Virus, etc. This sort of reminds me of the three Waves synths - very capable machines lost in the jungle of their company's more popular effect plugins. To be sure, a Moog imitation MPowerSynth is not. You won't get it confused with Diva, Minimonsta, The Legend, OB-E, or any of the thick-sounding virtual analog VSTi's out there. Not only does it not look analog-ish with it's straightforward clinical lines, but it's crisp sound is much cleaner. There's good and bad to that. If you want oak tree-thick, you have to apply one or more of their seemingly endless effects. If you want thin, bright and airy, it has that in spades. Mainly, I was impressed with this synth's versatility. In no time, I was able to cook up an interesting Cmin7 arpeggiation that'll do nicely as an ambient track. I'll definitely be using this synth more.

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Reviewed By jbar
January 18th, 2022

I don't understand the positive reviews. The plugin is buggy (version 15), some sounds are showing as 'content missing', I have regular crashes of my hosts while working with it.

Regarding the sound I would say - good average but nothing extraordinary. The presets are very digital, very cold.

The GUI requests quite a long learning curve, if you expect fast results you are wrong with the plugin. The soundbrowser is complex, first you have to look after the category (e.g. Bass), then you choose the plugin and after that you have a several browser for the sounds. Not the easiest way.

Looking at the positive - it is modular and you have a lot of options and opportunities - after the described learning curve.

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Reviewed By Trader One
December 11th, 2021

This tuner, like rest of software from Melda is not really free. Its adware. It annoys you with red banner asking for 30 USD. Also screen UI resizing and antialiasing is disabled.

Tuner can do basic mono and poly tuning. Authors are quite optimistic about poly tuning - they have in configuration space for 8 note polyphony. In reality poly tuner has problems even with 2 bass sounds.

Basic tuner has high accuracy mode but because it displays just 1 decimal digit in Hz, I can't cross check it with other free tuner GTune and my KORG tuner. You can configure stabilisation time - 100ms by default.

Included is also volume meter. It takes too much space on the screen and its not clear what kind of measurement is used - so pretty much useless, we have good meters in DAW already.

UI is not nice at all, it is using Accordion for configuration. Why not tabs? It takes so much screen space just for tuner.


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Reviewed By Karmoon
November 17th, 2021

I demoed this plugin and was incredibly impressed by the results I got with it.

It provided reliable and great results on various sources: drums, vocals, pianos and mic'ed cabinets. It even helped with layering a DI and amplified bass.

It's dead-simple to use and a real time saver. I have had about 21 instances of it in a project and noticed no performance issues at all. This is quite on-brand for Melda, all their plugins I have used are efficient.

I was kind of surprised to see the other review, truth be told. I don't doubt that person's experiences or expertise with audio engineering at all - they clearly know what they're talking about. Let us factor in that this review is a couple of years old, and Melda update their plugins zealously. I suspect that many of the issues that did exist no longer do.

In light of the other review (which is perfectly valid), the best thing to do is to demo the plugin and see for yourself whether it works for you. But this has been one of those rare plugins that offers a ton to my workflow instantly. The price is hard to beat too. Melda's licensing policies and support are in my experience also excellent.

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Reviewed By bilrobins
October 29th, 2021

This is amazing. Probably the best synth I've ever used. For the first few days, I thought it was great but maybe slow to use, learning concepts/menus. After a couple of weeks (not that many hours, I don't have that much time!) I now find the workflow fast and making great sounds is fun and intuitive.

It is feature rich, hugely powerful and has a superb 'pure' sound. 'Analog' randomness/feel is easy to add with loads of options.

Very CPU efficient and stable.

I'm not quite as impressed with the presets as I don't think they demonstrate the power of this synth and they could be better organised. Due to this I probably wouldn't recommend the 'LE' version (which doesn't allow editing). As Melda updates are frequent, I'm sure this will be improved.

Stick with the interface, configure it to your liking and after a while you'll see why this is such a great VST. Definitely one of the very best available (maybe the best).

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Reviewed By bilrobins
October 29th, 2021


Take some time to get used to the workflow (it doesn't take that long). Once it all starts to click - just amazing. Very CPU efficient, top sound quality and feels limitless.

I have very few complaints - but maybe some of the presets could be better/more useful. I find that I only use the presets in a few of the plugins.

It can be expensive but I upgraded from various bundles and items and waited on sales, so it worked out well for me + upgrades and new stuff for life.


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Reviewed By SpongeLab
August 30th, 2021

a Very Flexible Reverb, it's a great asset to my arsenal of FX VST effects, a wide range of styles from realistic to completely off the wall crazy stuff. the algorithm designer is a really great feature, I have spent hours fiddling with making my own reverbs, maybe I will publish my own patch pack sometime soon!.

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Reviewed By KMFDM666
February 13th, 2021

For the relatively high price for such a relatively simple plugin, i had expected MUCH more.Popped it in the unused plugins folder after fiddling around with it for an hour or so, left a real bad taste, don't recommend it. So sorry...

Käpt'n K.


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