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Post Fri Jul 16, 2021 2:00 am

graspee wrote:
Tue Jul 13, 2021 10:35 am
I gave a one star review review because the app is broken on certain models of ipad and despite knowing about it you continued to sell it without warning people. I have been met with rudeness from the start on multiple platforms despite me being at least initially polite.
As per your 1 star polite review, we added the following "known issue" to the AppStore release notes for v1.0.2:

New Features:

1. Users can now restore SynthMaster Player iOS iAPs
2. Users can now import/export presets

Bug Fixes:

1. Restore IAP button is not functional
2. When user taps the browse button for the 2nd time, navigation should go back to the previous tab
3. Modulation target dropdown control is not functional
4. When modulation target filter is changed, modulation matrix is not updated
5. When a modulation source is dragged onto a target control, modulation matrix is not updated
6. SynthMaster doesn't select correct UI layout in AudioUnit version
7. 'Show Settings' and 'About SynthMaster' menus don't work in AudioUnit version
8. 'Contact us' menu should not be visible in AudioUnit version
9. Container controls are not resized correctly
10.Global parameters are not saved in Audionit version
11.Browser banks list items are not sorted
12.When the value of tempo textbox is changed, that's not reflected in the synth engine
13.Vector osc xyview doesn't show on AudioUnit version
14.SynthMaster crashes after presets are downloaded from server
15.When a preset is saved under a sub folder under 'Presets' folder, the sub folder name should be interpreted as the bank name
16.Rename preset menu is not functional
17.SynthMaster doesn't display purchase status of IAPs/expansions correctly
18.Arp bypass is incorrectly linked to Layer bypass (blue skin)
19.Choosing "FM" as modulation type for osc/mod selects "PM" instead

Known Issues:

1. iPad Pro M1 devices running on MacOS 14.5 and above create intermittent crackes. Please report this issue to Apple!

Enough with this. I hope you asked for a refund from Apple.
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Post Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:07 am

Can we transfer presets from the iOS version to desk top?

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Post Sat Jul 24, 2021 10:26 pm

I did not ask for a refund from apple, I'm waiting for you to fix your apps so they work. Operating systems on mobile change over time and it's your responsibility to make sure your apps work on them. If this were a five year old app you didn't support any more then fair enough but you released synthmaster 2 when current hardware and software (12.9 M1 ipad with current up to date ipados) at the time of release did not run it properly.

I wonder if your eagerness for me to get a refund is because my review would get deleted.

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Post Tue Jul 27, 2021 8:05 pm

I was excited today when I purchased the Synthmaster 1+2 bundle for my 2020 iPad Pro (non-M1). I eagerly loaded it up to experiment and immediately experienced a periodic crackling that I couldn’t resolve by increasing my buffer size. The issue exists in both Synthmaster 1+2. My searching for a solution on Google led me here.

I was disheartened to read the series of replies here in this thread. I am here to confirm that this problem exists on non-M1 iPad Pros as well, not just iPads with the M1 chip. I am running iPad OS v14.7. After reading the responses from the topic starter, kv311, I was further disheartened as they appeared to suggest that anyone with iOS 14.x was kind of on their own and they were kicking the ball back to Apple. I am a huge supporter of IOS music production apps and their developers. This last month alone I have spent about $200+. Apple is updating iPad OS and iOS constantly and if a developer doesn’t work to support their app it makes me wary about it’s longevity. Since I had just purchased the app combo I decided to request a refund after reading the responses from kv311. It’s a shame because I love everything I have heard on YouTube of Synthmaster 1+2. I have an itchy ‘buy finger’ though, once this issue is fixed and Synthmaster is stable I would love to buy it again. The quality is undeniable when it isn’t ‘crackly’. I will continue to watch the updates for a fix.

Kv311, please keep us updated if your developer team is able to get it working again.

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Post Thu Jul 29, 2021 12:35 pm

I wanted to post an update since my last post. My intermittent crackling issue I was having on my 2020 iPad Pro with Synthmaster 1+2 stopped. I am not sure what fixed my issue as there was neither an OS update or an update from kv331 audio. My only guess is that I had done a hard shutdown and restart after attempting to fix the cracking issue by increasing buffer size, etc. On a PC this is usually my first action when I am having issues but haven’t had to do that with iPad yet. I am very relieved though and very happy with the quality of Synthmaster 1+2. Synthmaster 1 is a workhorse! Synthmaster 2 is sooo deep and I love the evolving wavetables. I have been having fun using my NanoKey Studio with it and MIDI mapping the parameters. I can see so many uses for this.

I feel bad about my prior post. I am usually very tech savvy. I was just discouraged by the prior convo on this thread and assumed the problem was deeper than it was. My apologies, kv331, I love the product. I will have to get the expansion pack once I get deeper into it. Many thanks.


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